Benefits of Yoga for the Skin

Discover all the benefits of Yoga for the skin.

Benefits of Yoga for the Skin

The practice of Yoga is ideal for maintaining the health of our skin and keeping our vital state in harmony . Each asana is designed to care for, tone, stretch and hydrate a specific area of ​​the body.

Because in addition to relaxing the nervous system or recovering the alignment of the internal organs, Yoga allows the skin to breathe better, to be properly hydrated and to clean itself more deeply.

What impact does Yoga have on the skin?

Yoga and the Skin

According to the great teacher Iyengar, yoga allows the skin to stretch, tone, revitalize and brighten .

The sweating generated by asanas, vinyasas and breaths of fire, for example, help us purify toxins.

In addition, by breathing more consciously, we help the pores of the skin to open and can, in turn, breathe in and out better. 

Yoga restores the color and glow that any healthy skin should display on a normal day. It is no coincidence that this spiritual practice takes this vital organ into great consideration, since it is the largest in the body. 

Its main function is to protect us from external agents, which means that healthy skin becomes a much-needed defense barrier.

And although all the asanas allow you to show off healthier and more beautiful skin, there are some that, due to their configuration and alignment, can have an increased effect. 

4 Yoga postures to improve skin health.

4 Yoga postures for the Skin

Tadasana – Also known as the Mountain Pose, this standing asana improves the flow of oxygen, bringing more nutrition to our blood vessels. When we breathe more deeply, we help the body rid itself of harmful toxins and harmful elements. By increasing blood circulation, we improve lymphatic drainage, which brightens the complexion and reduces puffiness, especially around the eyes.

In addition, this posture is simple, accessible and ideal for calming stress, which reduces the production of free radicals.

Uttasana: This is a very simple but extremely effective inverted posture. By placing the head below the heart we allow blood flow to the face, thus increasing the supply of oxygen to the skin cells.

Parivrtta Sukhasana – Twists are great for keeping your gut clean and healthy. And a healthy digestive system is ideal for glowing, radiant skin. The toxins that we cannot eliminate naturally tend to be deposited in fatty adipose tissue and on the skin. This can easily trigger acne breakouts, discoloration, and premature aging.

This is a gentle, seated twist that improves digestion and the elimination of toxins by bringing energy to organs such as the stomach, liver, large intestine, and small intestine.

Bhujangasana: The Cobra Pose is fantastic for reducing emotional tension, chronic fatigue or anxiety by opening up the lungs and allowing oxygen to properly navigate the body. When we lower cortisol, what we do is reduce oxidative stress, and this helps us prevent premature aging caused by dehydration of cells and loss of elasticity of the fascia. 

We wanted to share with you four very simple postures that we can all practice in our day to day, jointly or separately. Sometimes 10 minutes of full attention, movement and conscious breathing are better, if that's the time we have, than stressing about creating a space for 30 minutes a day, and suffering from feeling like we're not there. Don't underestimate the power of a couple of asanas a day: the transformation may be a little slower, but it always comes . 

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