5 yoga poses that will help you keep your stomach flat at Christmas

Discover the 5 Yoga postures to maintain a healthy and flat stomach during Christmas.

5 Yoga posture

yoga for christmas

Drinking the recommended amount of water, chewing well, choosing light snacks are some of the easy tips with which to maintain your ideal weight at Christmas, despite the kilos that Spaniards gain during the holidays: between 3 and 5, according to experts . However, for the vast majority, excesses are inevitable, especially since the celebrations take place around a table full of temptations and that is why another of the tricks revealed by those who know the most about nutrition is that of exercise regularly .

The good news is that the key to alleviating heavy digestions and Showing off a flat stomach with your Christmas looks is possible thanks to yoga , the discipline suitable for all ages that not only tones the muscles, but also provides mental benefits.

Among all the 'asanas' that exist within this practice originating in India, there are 5 that stand out for their benefits to feel lighter . Xuan Lan, a yoga teacher and ambassador for the sportswear brand Believe Athletics , explains some of the most effective moves to achieve this:

"The twists massage and tone, they clean the viscera, eliminating toxins from the organs . Therefore, they help in digestive heaviness," reveals the expert, who adds that, "on the other hand, the extension postures, which give energy, are expansive and relieve the heaviness of the mind, enhance courage, strengthen back and create flexibility.

5 Yoga Postures to maintain a flat stomach:

5 Yoga posture for Flat Belly

  • Ustrasana or camel pose

This will be the first movement of the Xuan Lan session to combat Christmas digestion: "It translates as 'the camel's posture', since in Sanskrit ustra means 'camel' and asana means 'stance'. ustrasana It helps us to work the opening of the chest and upper back . It is an 'asana' in which the back is arched, which in yoga is usually said in English: backbending ", points out the expert.

5 Yoga posture for Flat Belly at Christmas

  • Bharmasana or table pose

The specialist recommends this second 'asana' even to the less expert: "The position of the Table or Bharmanasana is a position for beginners that helps to balance the body. By performing this position, a gentle stretch on the arms, shoulders, wrists, hips, core , thighs, knees, and spine , balancing and relieving stress." As a note, it's important to keep your head facing up and your palms in line with the soles of your feet.

5 Yoga posture for Flat Belly on Vacation

  • Eka pada raja kapotasana or mermaid pose

" Eka means one, pada is foot, Raja means king and Kapota , dove. in this posture the chest is projected forward like that of a pigeon , hence its name", clarifies the Believe Athletics ambassador about this 'asana' that, although it is indicated for more advanced levels when performed perfectly, the blocks or the belts that help with balance make it an option for everyone.

"It works many muscle groups at once so that Not only the muscles that protect the spine are strengthened, but also the buttocks, joints, thighs, abdomen and pectorals . It loosens the neck, the hip and lengthens the joints", lists Xuan Lan, who also adds that if a block is placed under the buttocks the difficulty is considerably reduced.

5 Yoga posture for Flat Belly during Christmas 2021

  • ardha matsyendrasana

The fourth 'asana' stands out not only because it adapts to the experience of even the most beginner "yogis", but also because it has the super power of working on health with a holistic approach: "It is a seated twisting posture that rotates the spine vertebral from the base to the cervicals . It has many benefits for the body and mind , which is why it provides well-being in an integral way", reveals the yoga teacher.

5 Yoga posture for Flat Belly at Christmas 2021

  • Vajrasana or Twisted Lightning Pose

The detox session will end with this 'asana', again, one totally suitable for beginners: "It settles the body like a rock. It is simple, relaxing and highly recommended for those who are new to the practice. It not only relaxes the body and it helps us to calm the mind but also improves digestion, tones the legs and ankles and relieves sciatica pain", concludes the specialist. A perfect all-in-one to complete the routine with which you will feel lighter at Christmas.

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