As I began to love myself...

 “As I began to love myself, I stopped longing for a different life and I could see that everything around me was inviting me to grow”

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In our process of personal evolution, which each one lives in a unique, intimate and particular way, it is always our decisions that determine what we can become; much more even than our own abilities.

The decision to love oneself , regardless of what others think, is the most subjective decision in the world, the most personal, individual and exclusive. And yet, the most difficult to take and above all to abide by.

Since childhood we are encouraged to postpone our happiness , to follow uniformity and live in the most insatiable competition. They teach us to look outside, but not inside, disconnecting from ourselves and being unable to identify what our true needs are and how we can satisfy them. By acting in this way we are endangering not only our physical health but also our mental health.

It is possible that if you are reading this it is because you have realized that you need to start loving yourself more . At first, it will be difficult for you. However, patience and perseverance will be your best allies when it comes to learning to recognize yourself better, with the love and understanding that are needed.

Start by leading a quieter life . The stress, the rush and the hustle and bustle to which we are subjected take us away from ourselves and deceive us with false objectives, continually providing us with goals to desire that many times do not coincide with what our soul really needs.

Relaxation and meditation techniques will give you clarity, perspective and knowledge of your deepest and most sincere "I", helping your mind not to take over you negatively and to drive away those thoughts that do not bring you anything healthy and realistic.

Including some exercise in your life will bring you physical and mental well-being. Practicing yoga regularly , for example, is an excellent way to relieve stress and accumulated tension and improve subjective feelings and self-esteem.

Work on the recognition of your own worth and you will have access to your greatest treasure. The responsibility for your happiness and personal well-being is yours. Once you internalize this concept, you will be able to evolve positively to where you want.

Remember: "As you begin to love yourself, you will stop longing for a different life, and you will be able to see that everything around you is inviting you to grow."

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