The Art of Giving without Expecting

Discover ahisma and unconditional love in the art of giving without waiting.

Ahimsa and the art of giving without waiting

December is a month of gifts and encounters. It is a month of great events. We meet with our loved ones and exchange objects that often arouse contentment and gratitude.

It is something very beautiful, which can sometimes be compromised . Because? For the fear of not meeting the expectations of the other. For the fear of failing in the attempt to please. It is completely normal and natural.

That's why today we want to talk to you about ahimsa and the art of giving without waiting.

What is ahimsa?

Ahimsa is the first ethical principle of yoga yamas . The yamas are a series of values ​​that were devised thousands of years ago to live in harmony with nature and everything that surrounds us.

It is the practice of non-violence; a tool to develop unconditional love . To act from goodness and friendliness, without aggressiveness or the intention to manipulate.

The art of giving without waiting.

When one practices ahisma sincerely, the generated act is imbued with a certain abandon . An abandonment that allows you not to have expectations about the result. In the case of gifts, for example, it is seen very clearly. If we want to make a gift that is born of unconditional love, we will strive to put great care and care into the preparation. Once prepared, the ideal, to complete with ahimsa in a complete and devout way, would be to release any type of expectation about the response received.

In the art of giving without expecting:

  • we give away something that we have elaborated with great awareness and generosity,
  • we grant the necessary space so that the other can react in a completely authentic and free way,
  • we feel totally satisfied with the process, beyond the harvested result.

The benefits of learning to give unconditionally.

Ahimsa and nonviolence

This devoted and sincere practice has numerous benefits :

  • allows us to fully enjoy the creation process,
  • greatly reduces the probability of feeling frustrated or failed,
  • creates a space of great openness and freedom between two human beings,
  • educates in the art of living in the present moment,
  • develops more flexibility and open-mindedness,
  • connects us with satisfaction and love...

All this allows us to live a quieter and more relaxed, fuller and more serene Christmas . When you let go of expectations, you feel freer and more alive. He no longer suffers the oppression and imprisonment of desires and demands. Go through life with more lightness and happiness. With less heaviness and mental judgment.

From Believe Athletics we want to send you, from honesty and unconditional love, what has allowed us to heal and advance on the spiritual path. We don't know if the message will reach you or not, but as we have discussed in this article, we wanted to give you this little writing from freedom and the absence of expectations.

You are free to react to it however you feel and desire.

Because in the end, the greatest gift we can give you is that you can express yourself freely.

Mae Knapnougel

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