Minimalist Food: what is it?

Discover the minimalist diet and enjoy all its digestive wonders.

Minimalist Food

"In the simple things you find the magic of life"

What is minimalist eating?

A minimalist diet It is based on the theory of less is more . And this does not mean eating less food. This means that instead of eating ten different foods on the same plate, you eat four different foods, of very good quality and with similar digestive enzymes.

In this way, we allow digestion to be lighter. According to numerous scientific studies, having a light and light digestion allows us to better absorb nutrients, use energy to repair worn-out cells and tissues, concentrate better and be more creative.

Did you know that the most successful leaders usually have their important meetings on an empty stomach?

They say that to perform tasks that require concentration, insight and creativity, it is important to have all your energy to imagine, reflect and plan. When fasting, they feel more focused, with heightened senses and a higher amount of creative energy.

A minimalist diet has an effect very similar to fasting. Although energy is required to digest the food eaten, its amount is much less than what we would use in a conventional meal. It's like meditation: the fewer distractions we have, the more we reset and recharge .

Also, if we add to this the theory of food combinations, coined by New York doctor William Howard, the result is very fruitful: we perform better, have more mental clarity and benefit from emotional balance.

What are the benefits of minimalist eating?

Benefits of Minimalist Eating

According to several scientific studies, what is important is not the amount of food found in one of the meals of the day, but the quality of this meal .

If throughout your day, you eat healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and you know how to combine them to have light digestions, minimalist eating is very easy and healthy.

Using three to four different foods at each meal allows you to :

  • better absorb nutrients
  • devote more energy to repairing rusty cells or damaged tissues,
  • maintain a calmer and more focused mind,
  • move freely and without heaviness,
  • avoid bloating or gas,
  • feel more emotionally balanced and stable…

It is important to understand that this is not a diet, but rather a tool . A utensil that you use to ingest food optimally and effectively.

The theory of food combination.

The minimalist diet combines very well with the theory of food combination. This philosophy of life arose at the beginning of the 20th century during the hygienist movement.

According to the theory (and remember that everything must be experienced in order to build your own criteria on the things that are tested and studied scientifically) foods require different times and enzymes to be digested .

Some create alkaline environments in the body, while others create more acidic environments in the body.

When we eat different foods without being aware of their enzymatic nature, we create a neutral environment in the body that inhibits and delays the digestive process.

This can lead to fermentation of sugars and putrefaction of proteins in the stomach, causing gas, bloating and other symptoms of indigestion.

So, to ensure that our diet is optimal, simple and repairing , it is interesting to follow these guidelines:

  • eat only when you feel real hunger : that is, when we feel that the stomach is empty and our body asks us to eat food to continue living,
  • eat only one concentrated food at a time: that is, opt for proteins or carbohydrates on the same plate. Ideally, and depending on your digestion times, it is better to take carbohydrates in the morning or at noon and proteins at night, as these take longer to be digested and absorbed,
  • include non-starchy vegetables in all meals , except with fruit: this will help us to better digest and absorb the nutrients of concentrated foods. For example, it is very optimal to combine vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as yellow peppers, with vegetable proteins rich in iron, such as lentils...
  • Pair healthy fats with protein or starches : This macronutrient can be paired with protein, carbs, or vegetables, but not fruit,
  • eat the fruit alone : ​​at breakfast, during snacks or in a monomeal .

This theory continues to be studied with great impetus by science, and although there is still no true evidence, the number of people who testify to its benefits is growing every day . Many nutritionists and health coaches apply it in their day to day, for its positive effects, for its simplicity and minimalism.

Highly elaborate dishes are not necessary to be healthy: three or four high-quality foods can give us great longevity.

Mindfuleating to enjoy the simple and genuine flavors.

What Is Minimalist Food

Finally and to finish, we want to propose a small mindfuleating exercise to connect with the taste of food and observe the effects it has on your body.

The minimalist diet advocates using this moment to slow down the mind and live in the present moment . This time we will do it with a mid-morning snack, such as fruit or nuts. It can be practiced at work, at home or at school.

Sit in a comfortable position , on the straight back of a chair and with your feet in contact with the ground. If you have the opportunity to change spaces, head to a nice quiet place.

Begin to take gentle inhalations and exhalations . Of natural form. Without manipulating anything at all.

Bring your attention to the stomach and feel it. Connect with your physical hunger, with which it really needs to be nourished.

Open your eyes and contemplate your snack : its colors, smells, textures and shapes... Let your senses focus.

Gently and slowly, with a cutlery or your hand, take a piece of fruit or dried fruit and take it to your mouth.

Chew it slowly. Enjoy the flavors. The textures. The noises inside your mouth . You see taking, one by one, small conscious portions.

Something that can help you when implementing this practice is to leave your hands resting on the table or in your lap between each bite. And remember, that when you feel satisfied, you must stop. End this ritual. And resume your family, student or work tasks, nourished and relaxed . Energized and invigorated.

Mae Knapnougel

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