Batch Cooking: what is it and how can it help you?

Discover the batch cooking technique and enjoy more organized meals.

Batch Cooking

Batch cooking is here to stay . It has come to help you. It has come to support you. Many are women who feel stress when thinking about weekly meal planning. Some feel the pressure to constantly innovate. Others don't risk trying new things for fear of disapproval from family members. Some choose to order at home. Others choose pre-cooked dishes.

The kitchen has become an enemy for many women who, in addition to supporting and caring for a family, must keep the home clean, work, and be in society. There are too many demands. Too much pressure. It is no coincidence that cases of anxiety have increased in recent years: multitasking women suffer from it on a daily basis .

It's not wrong to want to do everything right and cover a lot of different things. The question lies in how we relate to all those areas of life. What tools we use to deal with our day to day .

Batch cooking is a great ally for this type of case. Cooking, organizing and storing certain foods for the week is a very useful tool that will only take a couple of hours on the weekend. It is worth that small effort if we later know that we are going to have more time.

What is batch cooking?

What is Batch Cooking?

This method, also known as "Sunday cooking" consists of spending about two hours on the weekend to plan and prepare the lunches and dinners that will be taken during the week (especially those that require more preparation and that do not spoil with time). time).

If you are not creative, you can help yourself with the weekly planning of many instagramer mothers , such as Beingbiotiful (Chloé Sucrée) or Hoycomemossano (Inés). Taking inspiration from others can relieve stress and anxiety: you don't always have to be perfect and come up with new things. Help yourself from others. They dedicate time of their life to facilitate your day to day. Some of his best recipes are hummus, super versatile and always vegetable, vegetable rice, legume salads, baked vegetables; even cakes and tarts, easy and very healthy

On our page you also have some articles on vegan recipes , healthy sweets , cleansing juices or detox meals ...

Isn't it wonderful to have the possibility to organize healthy and easy weekly meals?

In this way, you can completely stop worrying . You can even avoid the headache that the purchase often generates. If you subscribe to a weekly planning (batch cooking) program, grocery lists will be sent to you each week along with the recipes.

So what are the benefits of batch cooking?

Benefits of Batch Cooking

  • You save time: cooking for a couple of hours on the weekend offers you the possibility of having more time for yourself during the week. Time for sports, for your hobbies, or time to simply rest.
  • You reduce expenses : if we follow some planned and ordered recipes, we avoid buying excessively and we force ourselves to acquire what is fair and necessary; what will really be part of our culinary plan.
  • You eat healthier : by preparing vegetables in advance, you avoid the laziness of doing it one afternoon or evening after a long day at work. Many people opt for ultra-processed or pre-cooked meals because they don't have ready-made healthy food at their disposal.

Boiling starches (potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots...) and refrigerating them for at least 24 hours is perfect, as they turn into retrograde starch and very effectively feed your intestinal microbiota.

An essential tip to preserve the nutritional value of food is to avoid cutting the vegetables that you will eat raw: if you can, do it before eating them, so they will not lose their vitamins and minerals. And if this is not possible, try to vacuum pack them .

We therefore recommend that you always try to make portions of vegetable creams, ratatouille, vegetable pates, baked tubers, stews or boiled, and even undressed salads. Cooking whole grains and legumes is also very helpful.

In this way, cooking during the week will be based on putting different foods together et voilà!

Mae Knapnougel

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