Keys to disconnect in summer

Discover some tips to disconnect in summer.

Disconnect in summer

In summer, the days are longer. The activities multiply. And paradoxically, fatigue can sometimes be higher . We want to take advantage of every day: the sun, the beach, friends, going out to dinner, going dancing, playing sports, reading, playing, writing, painting... Sometimes it seems that we work more in summer than the rest of the year. Therefore, it is important to use one of the days of the week to disconnect . Otherwise, September will come, and we will not have rested enough.

One day a week to disconnect in summer will help you , among other things, to:

  • rest and recover the energy you have used throughout the year,
  • center and calm the mind
  • meditate on the things in life that really make you happy,
  • connect with your inner world and get to know yourself , like this, a little better,
  • familiarize yourself with the soft stillness of silence ,
  • establish a closer and more authentic relationship with nature

Keys to Disconnect in Summer

And you will ask yourself, how is it possible to disconnect in summer?

The most important thing is that you have a motivation ; something that encourages you to dedicate one day of the week to self-development and self-exploration. When you begin to know yourself better, to treat yourself better and to feel better, you are strengthening your inner world.

This allows you:

  • establish deeper and more sincere relationships with the people around you,
  • live a more conscious and present life ,
  • deal with problems and unforeseen events from a more peaceful and less violent state,
  • develop contentment and enthusiasm ,
  • enjoy with greater intensity and less clinging the pleasures of earthly life,
  • understand the reason why one is in this place and the role that one has to play.

Benefits of Disconnecting in Summer

So, by having a noble and elevated reason to disconnect one day a week, the task becomes lighter. During that day you can:

  • learn to meditate , reflect and contemplate,
  • listening to relaxing music, delicate melodies, pleasant sounds,
  • practicing spontaneous writing (also known as “journaling”),
  • draw, paint, get carried away by some creative activity,
  • read an inspiring book,
  • incorporate intermittent fasting,
  • eat fruits and vegetables ,
  • avoid alcohol, ultra-processed, refined, salty, very spicy foods...
  • drink plenty of water , relaxing herbal teas or natural fruit juices…
  • walk in solitude through nature,
  • practice a gentle class of Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga ,
  • contemplate the dawn or the twilight,
  • give yourself a massage, a therapeutic treatment or a self-care facial,
  • enjoy doing absolutely nothing,
  • avoid social networks, emails, Whatsapp
  • avoid having much contact with many different people: it is a day to slow down the pace of social life.

These are some of the things that can be done to disconnect from the unstoppable and somewhat tiring maelstrom of life in society. It doesn't mean isolating, just recovering . Recover the energy that we give off every day, to recharge ourselves with life and joy. We exceed ourselves in everything: that is why we often feel empty and dissatisfied. This day of the week that you use to disconnect will also help you develop humility, serenity and love for life . Don't let it fly by: enjoy every moment and savor it carefully.

Mae Knapnougel

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