How to avoid unhealthy excesses in summer?

Discover the tips that will help you avoid unhealthy excesses in summer.

Unhealthy Excesses in Summer

In summer, unhealthy excesses are a bargaining chip: excessively salty snacks, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, copious dinners at dawn, ice cream every day... We are happy, happy, relaxed and eager to take advantage of every second to fill it with joy and pleasure. . We believe that since it is the only time of the year in which we have time to rest, everything can be accepted .

However, depending on how we behave in summer, we can return to work worn out or overcharged . Starved of energy or full of energy. Summer should be a time of balance: balancing life's little quirks, like ice cream with the family, with moments of self-growth, self-care and learning, how to make a watermelon soup with the family.

Otherwise, if we only choose to abuse the typical summer meals (squid and squid, bagged potatoes and olives, paellas and seafood, ice cream and horchatas...), we will find ourselves fatigued, worn out, devoid of vitality...Eager of many naps to recover the hours of sleep at night, the heavy digestions of late meals...

Avoid Unhealthy Excesses in Summer

We must be aware of the real effect of food on our body and know how to balance them to feel alive and energetic . Sinning from time to time is not bad. It is even necessary: ​​it helps us feed our emotional part, it connects us with our memories and memories ... An aperitif with friends can be a great reward after months of hard work... An ice cream with the children can be a good indulgence after intense days of tension and chills... But this must be balanced. It must be accompanied by days full of fresh fruits and raw vegetables, colored salads and many flavors, natural, fruity and refreshing slushies...

Next, we offer you a series of tips to avoid unhealthy excesses in summer:

  • sin from time to time, in moderation and a feeling of compassion: the worst thing you can do is eat “unhealthy” things with guilt and remorse . The feeling of "being doing something wrong" and inner repression are the true toxins of life, they are great enemies. If from time to time you know that you are going to be exposed to temptations such as an appetizer of cheeses and sausages, a sea and mountain paella or chocolate and caramel ice creams, remember that these are moments to satisfy your memories and treat them, therefore, with respect . Celebrate them, honor them, enjoy them and let go. Yes, drop them. Let go of guilt, let go of remorse: if you do it very occasionally, what's wrong with it? Sharing moments with others is essential. Satisfying your social environment is vital.
  • opt for raw vegetables and fresh fruits in all your meals: to counteract those small moments "of sin for the body", it is important to eat large amounts of vegetables the rest of the time : watermelon gazpachos, melon soups, brown rice salads or quinoa, fresh fruit and green juices, frozen and plant-flavored infusions... There are so many options, so colorful and versatile, that there will be no shortage of surprises if you cook consciously. There are thousands of types of hummus that you can combine with crudités, of vegetable pates that you can eat with crakers… Supermarkets are full of melons, watermelons, nectarines, papayas, mangoes… The offer is enormous: take advantage of it and get over it.
  • drink water with lemon every day: waking up with a huge glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice alkalizes and cleanses your body. This daily concoction will be of great support during the summer : an extra help for your purifying organs. After very salty, too varied (in terms of combination) and abundant meals, the body's filter organs, such as the liver, become congested: lemon juice will help them in the purification process . If you also add a fast of between 12 to 16 hours, the body cleansing process will be more complete.
  • do not go to any social event with an empty stomach: contrary to what many think, to avoid unhealthy excesses in summer, we should not go to social gatherings with a hungry stomach . Because? Because if we stop eating breakfast to go hungry for an appetizer, we will literally binge that appetizer. On the other hand, if we have been eating correctly in the meal before the next one, we will be satisfied and we will snack on what our body really asks for.
  • do not abuse alcoholic beverages, opt for iced teas or infusions: another highly recommended option to avoid unhealthy excesses in summer is to reduce the consumption of processed, carbonated or alcoholic beverages , and drink natural and refreshing infusions or teas. This will immediately create a detox effect in the body, helping the digestive system to process food more efficiently. Small sips throughout the day will keep you hydrated and restored: remember that the key is not to overdo it, to enjoy life's small pleasures consciously and intelligently.

Unhealthy Excesses in Summer: How to avoid them?

There are many options to avoid unhealthy excesses in summer and learn to manage it with balance and care: practicing sports daily , connecting with nature daily, meditating, writing, reflecting or doing any creative activity that feeds your soul and satisfies you...

Sometimes we eat because we feel empty of love. If we fill that void with our own love, we won't have as much desire to eat things that satisfy our cravings.

Make your summer a time to disconnect , to recharge energy and live with more joy. Enjoy family, friends, nature and good weather, the books that you haven't had time to start, the activities that have remained to be carried out...

The balance between small emotional whims (unique and memorable due to their sporadic nature) with doses of pure energy, vitality and sparks (through clean diets, restorative and creative activities, uplifting conversations...) will turn your summer into a true miracle . Do not waste your life; Live every second that it gives you.

If you are one of those people who needs extra support, we recommend this wonderful meditation, entitled "Celebrate the summer of your dreams" .

Mae Knapnougel

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