How to work without stress?

Discover mindfulness tools to work without stress.

work without stress

Although it may seem extraordinary, working without stress is possible . And necessary. Stress is the great pandemic of Western society. It is the trigger of numerous pathologies and pains, diseases and cancers. When we feel excessive stress, we enter a shaky path.

While it is true that regulated and moderate doses of stress are healthy , since they trigger motivation and action, when the threshold exceeds certain levels of stress, then we have to find a solution. We live a life, why do it from tension and contraction? Why work from fear and the absence of connection?

It is important to understand one thing: when the body is under a high level of stress, it is inflamed . Major organs such as the liver or intestines can no longer do their job. Food is poorly absorbed, causing malnutrition and indigestion. Food is poorly processed, generating constipation and constipation. All this brings with it intoxication and, in the long run, a great internal oxidation.

We age prematurely, we feel heavy and sleepy all the time, we find no meaning in our lives, as we spend the hours of our day working from disconnection and fear. However, nothing is lost. Everything can be corrected.

Working without stress is possible and accessible.

Mindfulness is an ideal tool to deal with anxiety. It's a perfect practice to connect with our essence and act from it . When we are aligned with our values, with our intentions and motivations, everything is easier and more bearable. Everything is managed from a more benign and fruitful perspective.

Learn to work without stress

Tools to work without stress :

  • Breathe occasionally : Breathing is always at your disposal and can induce relaxation. Whenever you feel nervous, remember that you can breathe. Practicing inhalations on 8 and exhalations on 12 calms your central nervous system and gives you greater vitality. Knowing how to breathe can help us regulate any emotion or sensation, including stress or anxiety. Do not underestimate its power, because it can help you sustain any type of experience or solve problems.
  • Be grateful and compassionate with yourself : another great catalyst for well-being and calm is gratitude . When we appreciate the things we do, the objects "we have", the achievements and failures experienced, life takes on a new and fuller perspective. We work with more presence and dedication. We accept each other more, with our less and our more . Being grateful and compassionate with yourself at work is essential to living with less anxiety. To improve and create. Innovate and materialize.
  • Remember that life has an end : this is vital. Life has an end. Repeating this to yourself throughout your workday will teach you to appreciate each task undertaken. To feel alive with each new project. Instead of thinking that you have many things to do, focus your attention on what you are doing at the present moment . Who tells you that you will continue breathing in the next hour? Don't take anything for granted; Live as if death is watching you. Ultimately, we know nothing. Relax and enjoy yourself. Do what is in your hands and let the rest flow organically. No resistance. With curiosity and peace.
  • Choose the cadence that aligns with your nature : we all have our own cadence. Our way of functioning on earth. Some love speed, others delight in slowness and ease. Some feel alive with obsessive doing, others prioritize doing with meaning. Each one works at a different pace: and that at work is obvious and clear . Do not compare yourself with others, because they come from another environment. Let your own pace guide you. Live following the cadence of your own body. Without fear or attachment.
  • Learn to communicate honestly : speaking with your colleagues and bosses with sincerity and kindness is essential. Learning to communicate your emotions and sensations with others can help you let go . Let go of the weight of expectations. To work with more authenticity and harmony. If you feel that there are things that you don't get to, let them know who needs to know. Communicating from the heart and the absence of ego, everything is understood and can be understood. And if others can't put themselves in your situation, have the courage to love yourself the same. To accept you the same To forgive you and continue.

Here are some tips to work without stress (or with little stress) and enjoy your workday. You dedicate many hours of your day to developing yourself in the professional field: make it worthwhile and enjoy this experience.

If you also feel like meditating, we recommend this 10-minute practice to learn how to calm stress . Include it in your day to day and live life confidently and calmly.

Mae Knapnougel

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