How to live confinement from calm and inner peace?

Live the confinement from calm and inner peace

Discover some essential tips to feel peace and serenity in full confinement.

Confinement is a fact that we are not used to . Remaining, in an imposed way, in our home can cause us stress and even anxiety. We don't know what to do . The hours become long and endless. Life apparently loses its meaning. One can even wonder: why get up?

All this happens because in our society we have been taught not to stop. To go from one side to the other. To occupy the day with a thousand and one tasks. To feel good only when one has fulfilled his duties. Only when one has been socializing. Only when one has been working. Buying. Or experimenting.

However, confinement awaits a real treasure : the opportunity to learn to be with yourself ; learn to be without doing. Familiarize yourself with the action of “being”.

Tips to live confinement from inner peace

Having the necessary time and space to be with yourself is essential to live life from the fullness and gratitude . Confinement is an ideal time to cultivate this quality.

  • Learning to be alone and in silence: a great experience is to sit down just to breathe and enjoy the silence that surrounds you. That moment that many consider boring can become a real discovery. In the stillness of silence, we can finally calm the flow of our thoughts. We just have to sit in a nice quiet corner and watch our breath come and go. Enjoy each inhalation and each exhalation. At first it may seem harsh. But with patience and perseverance, the mind becomes increasingly clear and this gives us moments of peace and serenity that are difficult to express .
  • Dedicate time to our passions: we finally have time and space to cultivate those qualities that make us happy . Painting, drawing, dancing, singing, sewing, reading, writing, cooking... We all have a hobby that makes time fly by; a skill in which we feel full and alive; something that brings us peace and joy; that gives meaning to our life. Confinement is an ideal time to develop that latent quality and why not, turn it into a real job . Many times, the fear of taking risks and losing what we have prevents us from fulfilling our dreams. Confinement gives us the opportunity to exercise our gift and think about whether we want to make it our main occupation.
Meditate during confinement
  • Slow down to enjoy what is simple: another benefit of confinement is having the necessary time to slow down the pace of our day to day and carry out each action with awareness and attention . Learning to carry out tasks from a space of calm and serenity, with a special intention, can completely transform our lives. Instead of cooking in a hurry and with reluctance, we can enjoy each gesture, carefully observe each food item, enjoy the smell that cooking gives off, gently taste an exceptional dish. Make any task a ritual.
  • Cultivate gratitude and love: these two qualities are essential to live confinement from inner peace and mental calm. We must choose a moment of the day , preferably when we wake up or go to bed, to give thanks for having a home to live in. When we don't have time, we take many things for granted that really shouldn't be . Only a small minority have a warm space, with a roof, comfortable beds, running water, electricity, electrical appliances and enough food. When you stop for a moment and meditate on it, you realize how lucky you are and see things differently. Showering is no longer an everyday experience, but rather a real wonder. Having electric light is no longer normal, but a great blessing. Having enough food is no longer a given, but a source of pure gratitude. It is said that when you change the way you see things, the things you see change . If one decides to see the confinement from gratitude and love, it becomes a period of splendor.
  • Meditate on which course to take: finally, this period of seclusion should also be used to meditate on the point where we are . We finally have time to think about whether what we are doing is really the right thing to do. Is our work a source of pleasure or suffering? Do the relationships we have make us grow or weaken our energy? Are we satisfied with our life? Is there something we want to change, improve or leave? Now is the time to think about it and walk towards it. Do we have any dreams? Do we want to change completely? Use confinement for this. Take advantage of this moment of pause to listen to your heart and act from its voice. To start sculpting that dream that makes you smile so much.

Staying calm during lockdown

Confinement is not an ordeal if one knows how to take advantage of it . We must learn to humble ourselves . To be grateful for everything that life brings us . Let's see in difficult times, opportunities for growth. To decipher the true meaning of everything that is happening to us. Life may have given us this pandemic because humanity did not live consciously. Life may have forced us to stop, to meditate on the course that humanity should take. Life may have only wanted to show us that the path we had taken was the wrong one. We don't know what will happen; but we can improve. It is time to meditate on what values ​​we should build this new society and live to take care of all humanity . For being peace and kindness. For helping and loving.

Mae Knapnougel

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  • Veronica

    Excelente texto , profundo y muy real , esto nos pasa a nivel mundial ,algo único e inexplicable que desde tantos lugares del.mundo ,muchas personas por no decir todos ,cestemis pasando por lo.mismo y sintiendo tanta incertidumbre ante esto desconocido ! Gracias por estos espacios de ayuda y reflexión ,nos hacen tanto bien. ademas nos une a personas tan maravillosas y sanas que es muy gratificante!!! Namasté

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