Tips to return to the routine

Discover some tips to return to the routine with energy and joy.

Back to Routine

After the summer, getting back to the routine can be a bit of an ordeal. It seems that the days of carelessness, absence of schedules, relaxation and disconnection are over. The demands, the monotony and the square life take back their power and make themselves feared.

This usually happens to the vast majority of the population. However, there is a small minority that returns to their routine with energy and joy . Because? Because you feel motivated. Because they feel overloaded. Because they feel connected.

One of their secrets is that they have enjoyed the summer but have also kept working . Not at work level. More on a personal level. Those people who dedicate part of their time to self-development and self-knowledge are more likely to feel motivated and energetic. Because? Because they understand each other better. Because they know more precisely what they want to do. Reach. Manifest.

And although not all of us use the summer for this type of aspect, more and more people are taking the risk of disconnecting in order to connect more . Connect with what? With your real needs. With your vital desires. With his most personal dreams.

Return to the Routine with Energy and Joy

If we resume the routine out of annoyance and anger, it will probably be uphill for us. If we return "to the monotony of life" with a dream to fulfill, everything will be more enjoyable and light. Most encouraging and inspiring.

Changing the way we think is another great step to take so as not to fall into the depression or anxiety that work routine generates . Cultivating gratitude can help us. Developing equanimity can also save us. Meditation is a perfect practice to expand our mind, understand our emotions and learn to transform our perceptions. It's as simple as thinking differently: instead of complaining when you wake up, you can be thankful for the miracle that starting a new day means. Instead of worrying about the outcome of a project, you can be thankful that you have a job that brings you money. Instead of getting mad at your kids for not getting good grades, you can become a kind of teacher.

Any problem has a solution . Any problem awaits a lesson. If we return to the daily routine with a clear and sensible mind, we will realize that each day awaits magic.

If we look more closely at the simple things in life, we will realize that life is worth living. The rays of the sun at dawn, the smell of coffee in the morning, the short walk to your office, the efficiency of technology that makes everything easier, the satisfaction of a good lunch with a colleague... Infinite are the gifts that life offers us. life daily. It is a matter of knowing how to find them.

If you feel that you are not developing in your job, look for a new one and do not be afraid of the uncertain. If you feel that what you study is not fulfilling you, find a way to study what fills you up. If you feel that supporting a whole family is causing you a lot of stress, let them know. Everything has a solution: but it is very important to have courage . Have the courage to express what bothers you. What you dislike What worries you.

Returning to the routine with energy and joy is within the reach of anyone: it is a matter of attitude. Change your mentality and life will surprise you.

Mae Knapnougel

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