Conscious Sport with Adriana Sintes

Find out everything about Conscious Sport from Adriana Sintes.

Conscious Sport with Adriana Sintes

A few days ago we were very lucky to be able to interview Adriana Sintes , ex-professional gymnast, Pilates instructor, personal trainer and integrative nutritionist.

Born in Menorca, she entered the world of gymnastics by chance : "all my friends went to the pavilion, and I decided to do the same. The first day my parents didn't know, because everything was very spontaneous and fluid and they ended up calling the police, thinking that he had disappeared.

How was your relationship with gymnastics during adolescence?

AS: I was a girl who, when I was very little, was very skinny and on an aesthetic level I met the standards of this sport. The first years it was a game. But from the age of 12 and 13, you enter this period of pre-adolescence and gymnastics began to be something else. Other demands came into play, such as a very high physical demand, practicing many hours a week; a demand through physical perception... And we have to take into account that elite sport is not healthy, since it seeks excellence in movement through countless repetitions, without taking into account the health of the body.

How would you define sport?

AS: I think that man, since ancient times, has needed movement as part of his survival. Today, movement is part of our life, because without it there is no life. But this type of movement that we have created, we have done for our own pleasure, for our well-being.

Benefits of Conscious Sport

How do you see the issue of sport and weight loss?

AS: What I always say to people who access my services or hire one of my services is that instead of thinking about an objective in itself, such as losing body fat, we should think about that activity, sport or action that , first we like it and second, we are able to sustain it over time. This is essential to enjoy the healthy lifestyle and achieve long-term achievement. It is important to choose an activity that makes you happy, that you like to practice and that you think you will be able to sustain as long as possible. That is the true success of the sport, and everything else, such as losing weight, toning up or looking better, is a consequence of the pleasure you feel when you move.

It was wonderful to speak with Adriana. These are some of the questions we asked him, but you can watch the entire interview on our Instagram channel. It was interesting, enriching, different and very conscious.

Mae Knapnougel

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