skin care in summer

Discover our healthy recommendations for skin care in summer.

skin care in summer

The skin is one of the largest and most important organs of the human body: skin care in summer is therefore an indispensable factor.

She is the entrance door of the human body; the tireless protector of the organism. It not only represents the intermediary between the inner world and the outer world; it is also a purification body .

Through the skin and its sweating an endless number of physical toxins are eliminated . The skin is also a reflection of the health of our body: when it is colorful and radiant, we know that the body is healthy and vibrant. When the skin appears pale and dry, we know that the body feels cold and moody. When the skin shows late acne, we know that the body needs purification and a great internal cleansing...

This organ therefore reflects the vital state of the human being . For this reason, skin care in summer is essential: keeping this vital organ in good condition is essential.

Tips for skin care in summer

From Believe Athletics we bet on naturalness, on what is easy and accessible . Here are some very simple tips for skin care in summer:

  • follow a diet rich in foods with vitamins A, C and E : wild fruits such as blueberries or strawberries, citrus fruits such as lemon or oranges, sweet fruits such as nectarines or papaya are foods very rich in antioxidants. The green leaves, the sprouts, and the seeds also have high levels of vitamin, they are photoprotectors and purifiers. To maintain healthy, clean and beautiful skin, it is important to take care of yourself from within: purify the body of toxins, feed it with energy and life, treat it with love and respect...
  • expose yourself to the sun in the mildest hours of the day : in summer we all like to sunbathe. Feeling its warm embrace is a delight for our skin: however, doing it between 12:00 and 16:00 can be very aggressive for the body. In summer, it is better to choose to sunbathe first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon . In this way, we make sure not to expose ourselves to the most aggressive rays and we will feed on vitamin D, its light and its life.
  • use biodegradable and natural sun creams : the proper use of body products is essential to maintain healthy skin. Everything that comes into contact with the skin becomes part of our body: the pores are the access routes to our internal world. Using natural products will feed our skin , prevent the entry of toxins and also, if they are biodegradable, it will preserve the good health and disposition of nature. We are a single being in multiple forms: human beings, drops of water, particles of sand, flower petals... Respecting nature is respecting our mother earth. Taking care of your health is taking care of ours.
  • Make your body care routine a heavenly meditation: every moment is perfect for meditation. Every time you start your facial care you can meditate . It's as easy as starting by taking four long, conscious breaths . Look at yourself in the mirror for a few moments and observe the skin of your body. Thank you for being there, for living with you, for taking care of you. Create a harmonious dance where your hands are the composers of a conscious choreography and your skin care becomes a soft and indelible symphony. Gently press each area that you touch with your hands, carefully massage each area that is receiving your care. Gently rinse each part of your body. Enjoy every gesture; make it unique and perfect.

These are some very simple and fun practices to take care of your skin this summer. Remember that the sun today is much more intense and aggressive than it was a few years ago. If your intention is to spend the summer under its exposure, you must establish a ritual of protection and high care : the skin is a vital organ, a fundamental member for your health and longevity . Make your self care a moment of connection and rest; a ceremony of beauty and presence.

Mae Knapnougel

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