The danger of the express diet

Discover the dangers that the express diet awaits.

The Express Diet

Summer is coming and for many women an ordeal begins. The clothes become lighter, the forms acquire more presence and with it the fear of being seen arises. observed. criticized. Faced with such strict beauty canons, photographs of splendid bodies in swimsuits, and the natural tendency to compare themselves, many women resort to an express diet , without being aware of all the danger that it brings.

Going to something as drastic as suddenly eliminating food that we have ingested for a certain time , is irrational. And very harmful. The body needs to be tamed and treated with love and patience, from attentive listening. Failing to eat the necessary calories to face each day and living with nutritional deficiencies for the mere fact of losing weight quickly, brings with it very negative consequences.

Many times, and logically, the opposite of what is expected happens . Whoever undertakes an express diet is not aware that the real effect will be, in the long run, to gain more weight . It may be that the first days, in an illusory way, a woman looks thinner, with a flatter tummy, more refined shapes. However, this is an illusion. With the days and lack of calories, the body will begin to demand food suddenly. Anxiety will take over him. The binges will begin, and with it the old kilos and more will return.

The danger of the express diet

Therefore, the first effect of the express diet generates the opposite of what was expected. Instead of losing weight quickly and abusively, it is better to take it easy . Go little by little. With love and attention; without rush or demands. The body is a temple that must be cared for and pampered. Wanting to look beautiful, wanting to feel light is something natural. But the way to achieve this desire can trigger positive or negative results depending on the attitude of the person.

If you want to feel comfortable in your body, the first thing is to accept that everything is fleeting . Your current state does not determine you. The body that you will get in the future so little determines you. He is a vehicle to experience life. That is why it is essential to seek your happiness and not your misfortune. Instead of looking at the body as something that determines your value, look at it more as something that allows you to create value . Through the body, you can help, advise, share, laugh, serve... Feeling comfortable with it will intensify your own happiness, your joy, your peace and your well-being. But it will never determine your value as a person. You are enough for the fact that you are. With the simple fact of breathing, you are worthy of praise.

How to avoid the express diet?

So, from Believe Athletics we advise you the following:

  • Go to a professional to help you lose weight in a healthy and conscious way. Mindfuleating can become an ideal practice to eliminate the kilos that do not do the body good in a loving and beautiful way.
  • Undertake some sporting activity that generates you happiness and joy.
  • Look in the mirror every day , smile and bless your body : it is a miracle from heaven.
  • Drink water (either plain or in the form of cleansing infusions, such as horsetail); this will help you eliminate toxins.
  • Meditate every day ; Even if it's only five minutes. Take a few moments to feel your body and observe the changes that are taking place.
  • Share your experience with others : it will inspire and motivate them. Make your change the change you want to see in the world and allow everything you learn along the way to become an encouragement for any loved one.

Finally, remember how nature behaves : it acts without haste, respecting all phases, flowing without expectations but with the certainty that it will always create beauty and joy. Trust yourself. Trust in your ability to heal yourself. To love you. If you want to achieve beauty, act with beauty. On the way there is happiness. In the steps you take, you find life and its majesty .

Mae Knapnougel

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