Interview with Xotchil Correa: Yoga and Yoga Training

Discover everything about Yoga and Yoga Training at the hands of Xotchil Correa.

Yoga and Yoga Trainings

After an existential crisis and a country that became an inhospitable place, Xotchil Correa embarks on a new life far from his homeland.

With more than 10 years in the world of Yoga , an insatiable curiosity and a deep desire to serve humanity, this woman of fire is a teacher full of wisdom and experience. With more than 10,000 shared classes, it is crowned as an eminence in the Iberian Peninsula .

She defines herself as an "eternal learner" and honors her teachers whenever the occasion presents itself.

We were very lucky to be able to interview her on Instagram Direct on Friday, October 29: you can view the talk here .

Yoga and Yoga Training with Xotchil Correa

What is Yoga for you?

“Yoga for me is love. Because love is the absence of fear, it is wisdom, it is what defines anything else that you can explore within the bright side of life.

Yoga is the mental training that allows me to train myself so that the mind works as a tool that works based on my own discovery and self-study. With Yoga, the mind stops being a process of sabotage to become a positive tool. Which allows me to develop my calm, peaceful and alert version and thus serve all of humanity…”.

What are Yoga Workshops and Trainings for?

“I can tell you what I see from the bright side: I am honored that so many structures that blocked the teachings of Yoga have collapsed. Before, all this was something for renouncers, for a caste, only for men...

It is not necessary for you, as a Yoga practitioner, to take a course of 200, 300 or 500 hours. What you need is to look for what attracts you, what you consider good for you. Because once you learn it, you can integrate it, and when you integrate it, your mastery begins…”.

How to recognize the quality of a teacher and his class and/or program?

“ The true truth of the path of Yoga is the study of the Being and for that you need people who have gone through emotional turmoil and have wanted to observe and love each other. In this way, the teacher can support and help sincerely and honestly…”.

How much time do I need to learn to practice Yoga alone?

“It doesn't take a lot of time to practice Yoga alone. Once you have started with the first classes, you can undertake self-practice: because yoga is freedom and authentic wisdom debuts beyond a guide and in life itself... ”.

These are some fragments of the interview with Xotchil Correa. To see it all in its entirety, you just have to click here . From Believe Athletics we feel very honored by this magical opportunity. And if you want us to interview her again another time, please share it in the comments. It will be an honor for us to give you this gift.

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