Interview with Mónica Valls: Conscious Pregnancy

Find out everything about Conscious Pregnancy from the hand of Mónica Valls.

Monica Valls and Conscious Pregnancy

Mónica Valls is the mother of two girls and is about to give birth to a wonderful boy in the next few days. She is the founder of the wellness company The Well Co and a Vinyasa Yoga and Prenatal Yoga teacher.

Today we count on your kind presence and we ask you all about pregnancy, yoga and consciousness during this beautiful time.

How are you? How do you feel?

MV: I'm looking for a balance between staying active and taking a little time every day to connect. I want to enjoy this beautiful stage of life.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with pregnancies, since this is your third.

MV: Personally, I'm passionate about it. It is a very unique moment for women. It is true that no matter how many pregnancies you have, including childbirth, everything is very different. Yes, it is true that in the first one more fears and worries can arise, and that over time you develop your skills and instincts, but even so, I consider that every pregnancy comes with some "challenge". This pregnancy, for example, arose at the same time that I was starting and I have had to be more active, which has been quite a challenge. But as I told you before, I am a true lover of pregnancies.

How do you manage the challenges of pregnancy?

MV: In the case of giving a Yoga class, for example, I have transformed my way of dictating a sequence and instead of making it visual I have made it more oral. Instead of showing the postures, I have focused on setting the pace of the class and correcting the students, which has been a real learning experience.

Conscious Pregnancy and Yoga

How have you coped with your moments of anxiety and fear?

MV: Meditation and visualization are two tools that have helped me tremendously during these moments of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Understanding that anxiety is not a bad thing, but that it is a feeling just as valid as joy, as long as it does not get out of hand, is a great help. Visualization helps me, in these cases, to attract the positive energy of the universe and take a broader perspective on what bothers me or does not let me sleep.

If you want to know more about conscious pregnancy, tips to manage fear during this vital stage, ways to relate to your body with love and kindness, you can see the entire interview here .

It has been an honor for us to have Mónica Valls as the interviewee of the month of January.

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