Why is it important to strengthen the Core?

the core

Discover the reasons why it is important to tone the core (body core).

Executing proper core training, also known as the core of the body, is essential. The core is one of the most important regions of the body , and as such, it is involved in practically any movement we make, not only in sports, but also in our day to day.

What is the core and why is it important?

To be aware of how important it is to have a strong core, it is necessary to understand its function and the importance of being in good shape in our body.

When we talk about the core, we are actually referring to the muscles in the central area of ​​our body , that is, the area that includes the entire abdominal region, the lower back, the buttocks, and the pelvis.

It is an Anglo-Saxon word that means nucleus or center: in this place is our center of gravity and our third chakra: manipura chakra.

The importance of having a strong core

The way in which the core is made makes it corset-shaped. This muscular corset protects a large number of organs and bone structures such as the digestive system, the reproductive system, part of the spine...

Given its strategic location, the core is a key area of ​​our body.

The muscles that form the core are responsible for the rest of the muscles in our body being able to perform their work correctly .

To walk, for example, it is clear that we need the action of the leg muscles, but the action of the core muscles is also essential. The same thing happens when we lean forward to pick up an object from the floor or stand on tiptoe to pick it up from a shelf. In all these daily movements, we need the help of the core .

The benefits of strengthening the core

The better the core musculature is trained, the more efficient the action of the rest of the body's musculature will be: in this way, each muscle will only fulfill the function for which it was created and should not be overexerted.

Being the center of support for all the forces we exert with the extremities, and also responsible for maintaining balance and posture when we perform any action, it is essential to cultivate and tone it.

In addition, on an energetic level, the third chakra resides in the core : that of self-esteem. The more we work that area of ​​the body, the more confidence we have in ourselves. The more we take care of it, the more focused and centered we find ourselves. We are a physical body and an energetic body: on a physical level, gaining strength in the core gives us balance, a greater range of mobility and earthly strength; at an energetic level it empowers us. Awaken in us confidence, the connection with our highest potential. It offers us the opportunity to feel alive, with a specific purpose and the strength to overcome any obstacle that lies along the way.

How can I strengthen the Core in the practice of Yoga?

In recent years, a new style of Yoga has been born that combines traditional asanas with movements or transitions typical of fitness to efficiently work the core area. This one is called Core Vinyasa . They are dynamic, challenging, invigorating and detoxifying practices.

The pranayama that is most used in this practice is Kapalabhati (breath of fire): and it is often executed in full movement. In this way, physical toxins are eliminated through sweat and exhalation. In Core Vinyasa, you inhale at times of expansion or relaxation and exhale at times of contraction. A correct exhalation is therefore essential when it comes to strengthening the core and the abdominal area .

There are other disciplines such as Pilates or Fitness training that work the Core area with great dedication. One must be open to trying different ways to strengthen it. One must be brave and trust in their ability to stay strong. After all, a healthy and fit body illustrates a lively and vigorous heart. The more you take care of your temple, the more content you will feel. You better live. more you will love

Mae Knapnougel

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