Positive intentions for 2022

Sow positive intentions for 2022.

Positive intentions for 2022

An intention is an energy that is impregnated in an action . Many times we act without realizing what we do. This is known as unconscious acts. They are acts that we do without thinking, words that we say without reflecting, thoughts that we have without meditating.

We think they are ours, but in reality they are not, because in those acts there is no consciousness. This way of living life explains the great emptiness and confusion that many of us feel on a daily basis. And it is completely normal. If we act without being present and focused, without understanding the reason why we do it and the intention behind our gestures, the natural thing is that we do not feel clueless, lost and unprotected.

Acting mechanically makes us feel like lifeless beings.

Acting with intention and attention gives us a purpose and a mission .

How can I intention my life?

To intention life is to give meaning to life . It's finding a purpose. This can be revealed in moments of great reflection and introspection. But it can also appear in any situation or concrete experience.

When we open ourselves to life and let things happen without resisting them, the purpose of our existence is revealed to us. “Coincidences” occur that bring us closer to our goal. People appear who guide and encourage us.

The first intention is, therefore, to find your mission . You must be patient and persevering. Keep your senses awake and your heart open.

What is a positive intention?

Plant Positive Intentions for 2022

A positive intention is an attitude that we impregnate in an action so that it raises our energy . A positive intention seeks the well-being of all humanity. It does not cause any harm. Add, not subtract. Elevate, not weaken.

A positive intention is, for example, to be more peaceful, more compassionate, more loving... It is, for example, to learn to listen better, to stop pretending or lying, to be sincere and honest...

Tips to incorporate positive intentions in my day to day.

There are some secrets to being successful when it comes to incorporating positive intentions into our day to day.

  • Plant one intention after another : focusing energy on one action is much more effective than doing it on several. Start with an intention and work on it for 21 days, for example.
  • Don't let yourself be clouded by expectations, enjoy every little conquest : the process is the most important thing when it comes to making a change or developing something. If your intention for 2022 is to practice more yoga, don't be obsessed with all the benefits that books and magazines have promised you. Let yourself be carried away by the experiences that are revealed day after day: the sensations of a positive intention are unique and intimate.
  • Be persevering and patient : in order to succeed and intention your life correctly, it is very important to be consistent and benevolent . The real transformations are harvested with the small gestures that we repeat daily. A meaningful life needs time and space to build and unfold.
  • Be compassionate with yourself : mistakes are part of the process and are great teachers. They allow us to develop equanimity, forgiveness and humility. If the intention behind the attempt is positive and sincere, any failure is valid.

These are some tips to be successful when it comes to intentioning our lives and living a divine existence . The energy that permeates your daily actions can generate true miracles. Meditate , reflect, sow, act and reap. And do it all from love and compassion, without punishing or judging yourself. And if you judge yourself, don't punish yourself for judging yourself. Observe yourself and embrace yourself.

Mae Knapnougel

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