Gratitude: a practice to live fully

Gratitude in the practice of yoga and meditation

The importance of practicing gratitude: simple tips that will give a new perspective to your life.

Gratitude is a wonderful term that is related to emotions as beautiful as happiness and unity ; with values ​​as inspiring as justice and solidarity .

However, it is a virtue that is often in short supply in Western society.
Gratitude is a feeling that requires mental predisposition and emotional openness . It is very difficult to arouse this feeling if the individual is dull or moody.

Gratitude in yoga practice and in life

But there are different practices , very simple , that can help us clear our minds and give thanks consciously:

- Give yourself the time and space necessary to observe the present moment : without these two requirements, it is difficult to transform negative emotions such as anger or envy into feelings of gratitude and compassion. One must be willing to take a break every day to contemplate what is happening inside, calm the whirlwind of thoughts and once in stillness, awaken pleasant feelings such as gratitude or love . One must develop equanimity and patience to let emotional storms give way to calm seas of peace so that one can think about all those wonderful things for which one is grateful.

- Be grateful for everything we have at this moment: when one has managed to connect with their own serenity, they have the wonderful opportunity to give thanks for all those things that make them happy at that moment. It can be the simple sensation of breathing. Or the beautiful rays of light that illuminate the corner of some place. The smile of an unknown person. The song of a bird. The stillness of a tree. The profession that one loves and practices. The love he finds when he gets home, etc. There are countless things for which we should be grateful at every moment. And many times, it is the simplest ones that make us really happy.

- Practice gratitude daily : it is not enough to be grateful once a week. That only has a momentary effect. Gratitude is a virtue that must be cultivated daily: especially when we wake up and before going to bed. Starting the day thanking the wonderful things that are around us sculpts an optimistic mind for the rest of the day, as well as increasing our energy and vitality . Saying thank you when going to bed facilitates a deep and restful sleep and increases self-satisfaction.

Gratitude in yoga practice and in life

- Express gratitude out loud : Whenever we are offered the opportunity, we should express our gratitude to others . This not only increases the feeling of fullness and contentment within us, but also has a transformative effect on our environment . Being grateful is always welcome;
any individual feels better if he surrounds himself with grateful people. Therefore, expressing gratitude out loud has a double healing effect : it can heal the interlocutor but also the receiver.

- Keep a gratitude journal : writing all those wonderful things that make us better people is essential to make gratitude a daily habit. We can start by writing down 3 things every day at the end of the day: this helps us to reflect better and be more aware of everything that has value in our eyes.

- Redirect your thoughts : although it is the most complicated practice, it will also be the one that determines if our efforts to be more grateful are being authentic. When things don't happen the way we want them to, when we feel upset or angry, we must learn to breathe more slowly and contemplate those negative thoughts in our minds . Saying thank you can even become an ordeal. It is, however, at that moment, when one must be attentive and have enough desire to do so. There are always two different perspectives on life : consider obstacles as enemies or as allies. We can feel grateful for the stones that hinder our path ; they can also be the ones who bring us closer to the goal.

- Give without waiting: doing someone a favor without expecting anything in return, simply for the sake of helping or creating happiness, is a very pleasant action for our consciousness . Being grateful for having the opportunity to help, to give and to make others smile is a very powerful practice.
and transformative, which fills us with peace and serenity. Of stillness and fullness.

Gratitude in yoga practice and in life

How can I be grateful in the practice of Yoga?

Yoga practice is an ideal time to say thank you. Each movement executed , each breath taken can be sources of pure gratitude. Whenever we have the possibility, we should be grateful for the fact that we can breathe and move our bodies. grateful
for having such a beautiful instrument that allows us to feel unique sensations on the mat. Without that, sadhana has no effect.

If we find ourselves in the chaturanga position, for example, we must gradually be able to contemplate with love and compassion the trembling of our arms or the uncomfortable weight of our hips. We must be able, as we practice, to distance ourselves from thoughts like: "I need to get out of here", "I hate this position", "I can't take it anymore", to feel the body vibrating at that precise moment. And give thanks because the asana, although challenging, is also healing.

We must remember that the practice of Yoga encourages this habit through the value of santosa : being able to develop a feeling of contentment and happiness for what we have at every moment, although sometimes this does not please our ego. Giving thanks for any feeling or emotion , for any discomfort or pain is vital to evolve on the spiritual path.

Life is a wonderful place , full of miracles and beautiful things that should not be overlooked because we are upset or angry. After all, in our hands is another great miracle : the possibility of sculpting reality at every moment. Practicing gratitude daily will help us build a life of light and peace , of satisfaction and full love . It must therefore be cultivated at every moment.

Mae Knapnougel


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    Muy buen contenido y muy inspirador. Gracias :)

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