The benefits of seasonal fruits and vegetables

Discover the benefits of consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Knowing which fruits and vegetables are in season is a perfect learning to live with more health and happiness .

Each season brings with it a different purpose and specific foods . Winter invites us to introspect, spring is a time of change and creation, summer promotes interaction with the outside world, and autumn is the time of abandonment and acceptance. Aligning our vital state with each of the seasons synchronizes us with the biorhythms of life: we flow to the tune of nature, using each season to develop a specific area of ​​life.

In addition, in each season, it is interesting to follow a type of diet. There are many scientific studies that highlight the importance of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables . Not only do we make the most of the nutrients in food, we also act to create less harmful waste. We not only serve the needs of our body, we also generate a more positive impact on the entire world.

In Autumn the body needs heat and rooting, that's why it brings us the tubers; in Winter, you need to raise the defenses, that's why oranges are very common. Spring is a time of transition towards the heat, offering increasingly fresh foods such as strawberries. Summer is the warmest time of the year: our body needs more hydration and we achieve this, for example, with melon.

It is wonderful to observe how the Earth and the human being are deeply connected : nature provides us with everything our body needs. You don't have to be an expert in nutrition to follow a consistent and healthy diet. It's as easy as going to the town market or greengrocers and greengrocers in your city and asking for seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

What are the benefits of consuming seasonal foods?

  • Eat fresh and genuine food, with more flavor and smell . Food is of higher quality when consumed at the time of harvest.
  • They are highly nutritious : the levels of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes...) are at their highest point. It is not the same to eat an orange in winter than in summer: its vitamin C is higher during the right time.
  • They are more ecological and sustainable foods : it is important to understand that for a melon to be sold in autumn or winter, its cultivation needs chemicals, since the climate is not aligned with its personal growth requirements. Also, and this is often the case with avocados or mangoes, grocery stores import exotic products that have been refrigerated and stored for many days, influencing the natural ripening rates of the food. This means that these foods lose quality, are expensive and generate more pollution in the environment .

The benefits of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

  • You participate in the local economy : by consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables, you are using your money to support the lives of farmers in your region.
  • You develop humility and patience: life becomes magical and with more surprises. The waiting time shows us the natural rhythms of the Earth and shows us the miracle of life. We no longer take anything for granted and wait for life itself to surprise us with its wonders. We enjoy food without becoming attached to it: we honor it when we arrive and say goodbye to it when we leave.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Guide

On the Internet you can find beautiful infographics that illustrate seasonal fruits and vegetables at each time of the year : guides that will help you buy consciously and from a sustainable perspective. Nothing is more pleasant than knowing that you are promoting something good. Enjoy the gifts of each season of the year and celebrate the atmosphere that each one of them offers you.

Mae Knapnougel

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