The benefits of eating slowly

Find out what are the benefits of eating slowly.

Eat slow

Eating slowly is a challenge. A task that for many people is complicated and strange. We are used to eating at a thousand an hour. Sitting on the sofa or standing. Walking or even running. Chatting with someone or browsing social networks. We eat by talking on the phone, writing an email or rushing to the next event.

We are not aware of what we are really doing . We go on autopilot and before we know it, we've finished our plate. We have barely tasted. We have barely chewed. We have forgotten . Forgotten to pay attention to the food we were eating. Forgotten to feel and taste the taste of that precious gift. We have forgotten to honor a wonderful miracle: eating slowly, carefully and enjoying.

This causes numerous negative effects , not only in the body, but in the entire world:

  • It generates inflammation, swelling, indigestion and a host of other diseases that worsen people's quality of life.
  • causes overeating , because by eating at full speed, without connecting with the real needs of the body, we exceed ourselves.
  • it creates an imbalance in society , since those who have sufficient resources eat more than they should and, in many cases, waste food. Because we don't know the real amounts we need at any given moment, we cook more than necessary and throw away what's left.
  • leads, in the long run, dissatisfaction, depression, apathy and neglect . By taking food for granted, we leave unsatisfied. Instead of seeing them as a miracle, we take them for granted. And our ego, greedy for more, will look for happiness there where one is not yet: in the most expensive restaurant dish, in the banquets of the party to which we are not invited...

But all this has a solution and it is very easy: eat slowly. Eat carefully, with attention , with love and gratitude .

The benefits of eating slowly

Slow down the pace of life to enjoy the wonders of simple things: a toast of freshly baked bread in the morning, a fresh and colorful salad at noon, a frugal dinner under the shelter of the moon...

Learning to eat is a must . Chewing more carefully is synonymous with good digestion. Swallow without haste, enjoying receiving food, an act of joy.

The act of eating slowly offers numerous benefits for the body and mind :

  • Avoid swelling because by improving digestion , the body does not inflame or wear out. It is important to emphasize the following fact: the teeth are in the mouth , not in the stomach. Chewing food carefully and with time generates light and healthy digestion. The tummy stays flat. The stomach does not work more than it should, allowing all the nutrients to be absorbed correctly. If the stomach receives more work than "agreed", we create stress in it, causing discomfort, indigestion and poor absorption of nutrients.
  • It brings balance, balance, stability and longevity . Eating just and necessary is synonymous with physical health and mental contentment. We don't just give the body what it really needs at that moment; We are also developing the ability to feel satisfied and happy about what we are doing : replace “wanting more” with “wanting what is really needed”.
  • develop patience and humility ; brings a sense of peace and well-being ; generates lightness and keeps energy high . By participating in the act of digestion by chewing better, we save large amounts of energy that the body uses for the metabolic process of food and we do not feel sluggish or dull after the meal.
  • it creates a more nutritionally balanced society as it decreases the amount of wasted food, reduces over-consumption of food and awakens compassion and love in the individual. When one is aware of the miracle that eating slowly means, when one feels the effects of feeling nourished and loved, one wishes that no human being suffers from famine. This will lead you to participate in charitable acts, in non-profit organizations focused on reducing hunger in the world...

The positive effects of eating slowly

In short, eating slowly is an act that can generate a great impact . A positive impact. transformative. An enriching impact. It is a very necessary act, which we all must, little by little, work on daily. For this reason, we have devised this little meditation that will help you learn to eat more slowly . If you have the possibility, listen to it daily. It is the small gestures that cause big events.

Mae Knapnougel

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