The benefits of organic clothing

Discover the benefits that organic clothing has on the skin.

ecological clothing

Ecological clothing, manufactured by companies that are committed to Slow Fashion, gains more relevance among society and gains ground over the massive and sometimes uncontrolled textile industry. In a previous article, we told you about all the benefits of businesses that align with the human values ​​of Slow Fashion .

Today we would like to talk to you about the positive effects of organic clothing on the skin .

Contrary to what many people think, the benefits of organic clothing are not only limited to protecting the planet , but sustainably made garments are also good for your health. In this sense, by having less exposure to substances such as chlorine, zinc, copper and chromium, among many others, they do not cause adverse skin reactions. Hence, many experts recommend them for younger children and newborns.

They are, in themselves, garments free of chemicals that are harmful to the body and the environment. The clothes made with ecological raw materials such as linen or cotton come from organic and sustainable agriculture that does not use pesticides, insecticides, or aggressive or harmful chemical products for the environment or the consumer.

The use of ecological materials without pesticides or additives, make ecological clothing harmless to skin problems . These garments are softer and more respectful of the nature of the human being and the planet.

The benefits of organic clothing

They are also garments made for greater durability: they are designed to last longer than the rest of the conventional garments . If you compare it with another industrial garment, it may seem more expensive to you, but you must understand that the textile industry produces garments at affordable prices to sell in quantity, and this entails high costs for the planet, and on many occasions a poor durability: being low quality, soon you will need to buy more.

Certified organic clothing is also more breathable.

Natural products such as silk, seaweed, bamboo, hemp or organic cotton, used to make organic clothing, also allow greater ventilation and perspiration, leaving this natural process of the body free.

Sustainable fashion is also committed to the need to reuse garments as well as second-hand clothing . We must give those garments a second chance and not discard them for the simple fact that, for example, they went out of style or we have used them too much. We must humble ourselves and understand that each garment in itself is a miracle.

To do this, we offer you this meditation based on the teachings of mindfulness so that you can practice whenever you wear your ecological garments:

I feel lucky to find myself at this precise moment in front of some clothes that respect my body. In them I see the natural materials of the Earth that with so much care and care, people from very close countries, well paid and treated, have made with their machinery. These wonderful garments are kind to my skin, as they do not contain any harmful additives or aggressive chemicals. They have been devised by creative minds with the intention of dressing and taking care of me. With the intention of respecting my beauty and making me feel light. Connected with the Earth. Feminine and divine. Thank you life for giving me the opportunity to support these companies that, conscious and noble, produce exemplary work. I feel united to them, one with them, and grateful to be able to contribute to their prosperity.

Meditation is a very powerful practice that allows us to be aware of every decision we make , every purchase we make , every word we sing. Let this practice fill every second of your life with fulfillment and gratitude. It is unique and divine.

Mae Knapnougel

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