The benefits of Yoga in Summer

What are the benefits of Yoga in summer?

The benefits of Yoga in Summer

The practice of Yoga in summer offers a large number of benefits if it is done with awareness and care.

The summer season is synonymous with long days, aperitifs and the beach, long lunches and dinners at dawn... The activities multiply, the agenda gets more crowded every day.

With all this, we often forget about our well-being and our health ; of our center and essential body care. The mind, less stressed by work issues, is filled with worries about summer issues. It seems that neurosis does not stop: that the problem of society does not lie in working, but in always wanting more .

Therefore, practicing Yoga in summer is very important .

These are the Benefits of Yoga in Summer

What does this spiritual practice offer us?

  • It helps us keep the body strong, flexible and healthy : by continuing to work on our postures, we continue to develop openness: the joints are oxygenated, the muscles are toned and stretched, the cells are regenerated, the body is drained...
  • It allows us to deal with the weather from a state of more awareness and understanding: the practice of Yoga is a discipline that teaches us to deal with life's difficulties. Through the implementation of different kriyas and pranayamas , we can level our body temperature and better adapt to the climate around us. This allows us to easily withstand heat, humidity and any unpleasant sensation. If you want to know a little more about this, you can read the article on "how to practice yoga in summer" .
  • It helps us stay centered and focused: another of the great benefits of Yoga is the focus it gives us. When we learn to synchronize our movements with our breathing, when we learn to calm the tumult of thoughts that circulate within us, we develop more focus, more clarity, more ability to know how to think . This helps us stay centered when the external world falls apart and speeds up. This helps us know how to prioritize: to choose willingly, with determination and without feeling like a robot .
  • It helps us protect our space for self-development and self-exploration: maintaining the practice of Yoga in summer ensures us a space of stillness and wisdom where we continue to learn every day . This helps us to choose more wisely, to decide with more understanding, to do the things with which we really feel happy and fulfilled. If we don't know each other, how will we know what we really need at each moment? How will we know the most opportune way to use our beautiful and precious time?
  • It helps us disconnect when we need it: by maintaining our self-care space, we remain determined to protect and pamper ourselves . We are better able to say no when we really need to. We feel more confident. Safer. Quieter and lighter. Disconnecting in summer is very important: we must use part of this period to recharge ourselves, not weaken ourselves. Being such a personal and intimate practice, Yoga helps us to protect our tranquility, improve our self-esteem and elevate our vital state.

In short, practicing Yoga in summer is just as important as during the rest of the year . Protecting the space that we have created to practice asanas, pranayama and meditation is essential if we want to fully enjoy the summer period. Consciousness, mindfulness, self-knowledge, self-care, cultivation of the mind, conscious replenishment of the body must be part of our day all year long. They can be leveled and adjusted: you can reduce the time spent, soften the intensity of the practice, slow down the pace… But it is important to keep the thread. Hold the thread Keep working and exploring .

Mae Knapnougel

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