How to stay in shape during the summer?

Discover some tips to stay in shape during the summer.

Stay in Shape during the Summer

Staying in shape during the summer can be tricky. Leisure and rest take center stage during this time of year. After hard months of work, mental and work stress, we look for numerous self-gifts in the summer : doing everything that gives us pleasure becomes our reason for being.

However, to feel true happiness you need stability . To live with joy, with the feeling of being alive and with great doses of energy, it is very important to accept and live with all the faces of life . Staying in shape during the summer should not be hard or complicated. Quite the opposite.

How to Stay in Shape During the Summer

Exercising the body in summer is very suitable , because:

  • enhance our contentment,
  • keeps us healthy and slim,
  • improves our self-esteem
  • fan our power and energy,
  • gives us peace and well-being,
  • gives us balance and stability,
  • keeps our will unpolluted,
  • feeds our natural desire to grow and improve,
  • combat laziness and inertia,
  • compensates for all the deserved whims that we consume…

In addition, knowing how to combine moments of leisure and rest with moments of work and personal growth gives us something very special: a feeling of real harmony. A feeling of heavenly bliss. We feel complete and full. Stable and focused.

To stay in shape during the summer, it is important to establish a small daily (or almost daily) routine.

Dedicate a specific time of the day to exercise the body according to the desires of the moment.

It is not necessary to follow a fixed and closed practice : the other way around.

It is better to take advantage of the pleasant weather and combine different activities.

You can go for a walk on the beach or hike in the mountains. You can jog walks or roll on trails. You can practice Yoga or surf waves. You can do all these things at different times.

Staying in Shape during the Summer with Health and Consciousness

This way of organizing yourself is based on improvisation from the conviction of a strong intention . In this way, you will not feel the oppression or obligation that sometimes the daily routine generates. If something attracts us about summer, it is its spontaneity and feeling of freedom .

You can do the same with your sports practice: make it free and spontaneous. Intuitive and adaptable. If one day you feel like running, do it, but without the pressure to repeat it daily. Be indulgent with your body : it performs better when you feel happy. In peace, without pressure or fear. With a loving and not hateful purpose.

What can I do if the laziness is too big?

The first thing is to accept it. feel it. Observe the. And understand it. Don't fight that feeling . Take it into your body, watch it carefully and let it go without fear.

Instead of doing something intense, you can go for something slower. Instead of exercising for an hour, you can opt for half an hour. There are many ways to deal with laziness : compassion is one of them.

Listening to your body is essential to feel complete. Summer is not made to generate more tension in your heart. Summer is made to get out of your comfort zone. To live with more spontaneity and freedom . To enjoy every moment and accept yourself without fear.

Staying in shape in summer is a game, not a source of suffering. Enjoy time, your body and movement. Adjust them at all times. Be free and light as the wind.

And if you feel like it's too much, don't worry. Physical laziness can be a symptom of real tiredness: then it is best to rest . Let your intuition guide you daily: remember that summer is here to celebrate. That every day is a miracle. That you are a very wise being.

Trust yourself and enjoy living. With all that it entails. With love and without condemnation.

Photos: @Yuli_Yoga_Pilates

Writing: Mae Knapnougel

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