Mindfuleating at Christmas


Discover some Mindfuleating tips to eat healthy during Christmas.

Christmas is a time of the year where we tend to run wild. There are so many social commitments and family gatherings, the appetizers and dishes are so exuberant, the desserts are so tempting and the drinks are so sparkling, that it is very difficult to keep the body in balance. In its center. In its purest and lightest state.

However, all is not lost: there are some natural and very simple principles to change the way the mind works and not be overwhelmed by the explosive abundance of Christmas gastronomy.

Mindfulness Tips

Mindfuleating is putting our attention and awareness into practice in the very pleasant and also essential act of eating. Through a more authentic and real look at what the term "eat" means, through breathing and contemplation, one can enjoy Christmas without gaining a few extra kilos . Without suffering indigestion or eating without attention.

Food is sacred: and unfortunately only a minority have access to it. Food is life: and sadly, people use it to bury themselves alive.

For the people who practice mindfuleating , we eat to nourish ourselves adequately, keep the body in its most optimal and healthy state, and respect the environment that surrounds us and allows our life to be.

Unlike today's world, the main thing is not pleasure : but to ingest the right elements to keep the body pure and balanced.

The second fundamental principle is that eating should not harm the ecosystem ; we should adapt to it. Being humble enough to take advantage of what the earth offers us at every moment, respecting its times and harmonizing with its process. That means following a seasonal diet , and if possible contributing to local consumption . Avoid pollution from planes that bring goods from far away; stop investing for companies that only seek their own profits; bet on the farmer of the region, the neighboring peasant or the town market.

Finally, the third principle is to accept that eating is a source of pleasure but without becoming attached to it . Enjoying the act is not a bad thing, quite the opposite. Dedicating our attention and appreciating each bite is part of nutrition; It is a source of health . The problem is when the act of eating becomes an obsession, a source of suffering or a substitute for boredom. We do not eat to pass the time, we eat to serve any individual. To fulfill our design. We don't eat to fill a void, we eat to nourish that void. To learn to deal with that emptiness. To unlearn what we have been told and learn from what we have experienced.

So, it seems that eating from the perspective of mindfuleating does not fit with Christmas , that being aware of what we put in our mouths and how we chew and relate to it is impossible during this festivity. That is not true.

Mindfuleating for Christmas

Below you have a series of very simple exercises to eat healthy during Christmas and not be tempted to eat only for pleasure, but also to be .

  • Have the courage, if you are a host, to put healthy and seasonal dishes into your Christmas meal . There are endless healthy recipes that can create an atypical and colorful Christmas in your home. In the event that you are not the one organizing the food, nothing happens: you have every right to bring it from your own home. Using sincerity and kindness , you can talk to the person in charge of celebrating Christmas and explain the reasons why you will not eat what is stipulated. After all, these parties are designed to share moments of love with others: and through a healthy diet, both the body and the mind feel more predisposed to enjoy that moment. So do not be afraid of not following what is established. You may even be a source of inspiration and at the next parties, see more than one eat attentively.
  • Learn to be silent in the midst of external dialogue . During this time of year, what is most abundant are words and dialogue: this makes it difficult for us to eat with presence , since we receive a thousand stimuli without realizing it. However, through breathing and your predisposition, you can create silence inside to continue tasting the dishes without having to constantly talk. Take a few moments away from the conversation, bring your attention to the body, and feel how you chew the food. Maybe you need to pause to listen; no problem. After the exchange is complete, return to your silence and savor that wonderful morsel with delight. If there is something good about Christmas, it is that the after-dinner meal lasts until dawn: don't be in a hurry to finish, enjoy eating in silence and talking.
  • To avoid overeating, use your energy . When it's time to eat, pay attention to how the energy from the food is nourishing your body . Avoid big bites; opt for small pieces and chew them carefully. Remember that the stomach does not have teeth: make those same teeth do their job and you will see how sooner than expected, you will be satisfied. That instead of eating three dishes, with one you will be happy and satisfied. Breathing naturally and smoothly between each bite will help you feel the intake process you are doing; to be aware of how your stomach is filling up. Do not look for the solution in pills that reduce appetite, because the control of your body resides in the breath. She will know how to tell you when enough is enough.
  • If you feel bored, don't go for the food; enjoy your smile Another element that can help you not to eat due to lack of interest is to practice the conscious smile. When you allow the corners of your lips to rise, your cheekbones to come closer to your eyes, and a soft and beautiful smile to spread on your face, you feel a natural happiness that can replace the listlessness caused by so many hours of mundane conversations. Holding that position and breathing into it can help us transform boredom into a moment of growth . Transform fatigue into a moment of contact. Contact with life. From the state of joy. In addition, you will contribute in this way to raising the energy of others: more than one person may catch your smile and transform their own laziness into laughter.
Mindfuleating and health at Christmas

These are some tips to keep the body healthy and light during Christmas . Something important is having the courage to do it without fear. With naturalness and spontaneity. Never out of obligation and without causing pain. Eating healthy should not be replaced by the fear of looking bad before the other: quite the opposite. When one is nourished by pure and energetic, nutritious and vitamin foods, he is acting for the good of all. Out of respect for your environment.

Mindfuleating can help you in your day to day; but it is also essential to maintain it when you get out of the routine. If one relates from love and humility to this healing practice, he will keep it in any festivity. It will be your ally throughout Christmas .

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