Mindfuleating and occupational health

How Mindfuleating can improve your work performance?

Mindfuleating and Work

Mindfuleating is a very good tool to live with more awareness. It takes root in the ancient teachings of Mindfulness, a wisdom that originates in Buddhist philosophy.

Through full attention, which is nothing more than the complete focus of our energy on an area or event in life, we are able to connect with the present moment . We managed to feel the sensation of being present. To feel alive and complete. United to the entire universe.

Mindfuleating is, therefore, a way of eating consciously.

What does this mean?

Mindfuleating and Occupational Health

Eat. Just eat. Without doing anything else. Enjoying the chew. Of savoring

It is attending to food with our 5 senses : smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight.

It is listening to the body and nourishing it according to its authentic requirements. The body is a vehicle that allows us to experience physical life. Like any vehicle, it needs a source of energy , and part of it comes from food. Food is a fundamental pillar for the body to function correctly, for the mind to function correctly and the heart to beat properly.

If we don't eat enough, we experience weakness and tiredness, listlessness and discouragement. Our mind slows down. Capacities such as memory and concentration lose strength and value. By not having the right energy, the energy that allows us to create and act masterfully in life, we are unable to manifest. We are incapable of materializing a masterful idea.

Therefore, learning to listen to the body is essential if we want to prosper . Creating small spaces of silence in our day to day can help us develop that intuitive listening. A new and very simple way to feel and nourish ourselves.

How I feel today? What kind of food does my body ask for? How do I feel when eating this food? What kind of sensations does it awaken in my body?

What energy do I need to develop this task? A dense or light energy? Something that allows me to be concentrated or relaxed for long hours?

These are some questions that you can ask yourself daily every time you eat something. Writing down your reflections in a journal will offer you an increasingly real and complete vision of the influence of your meals on your life .

In addition to being a philosophy of life, Mindfuleating also contemplates a way of treating food.

Chewing is a fundamental part of this tool : the more you chew your food, the less energy your body will have to use to absorb the nutrients.

Digestive enzymes begin to be secreted in our body when contemplating food. From the moment we set our eyes on them, even before putting something in our mouth, we begin to produce substances that facilitate digestion. Others are secreted during chewing.

These little enzymatic scissors break up food so it can be processed properly by the stomach and optimally processed and handled by the liver.

What does this mean?

Mindfuleating and Job Performance

That if we practice Mindufleantig, if we learn to eat more slowly and without distractions, if we take care to chew correctly and breathe naturally, our digestion will not rob us of energy . We will be able to continue with the tasks of the day without the need for a nap at noon, without feeling bloated or lethargic, drowsy or tired. The vital energy of the body, also known as prana , can be used to continue creating and thinking, instead of only digesting and absorbing.   

Instead of allocating 3/4 of the energy to the digestion process, the body will be able to dose that prana, so that other organs, such as the brain, can continue to function efficiently and creatively. If we are also aware of the nutrients that our intellectual organ needs to imagine, visualize, create and materialize, its range of efficiency increases.

A very nice exercise is to practice mindfulness by taking a handful of nuts and imagining how one of its most valuable nutrients, Omega 3, is absorbed by the body and increases the performance of our brain. Other necessary foods for the health of our thinking organ are hemp or chia seeds, green leaves or protein .

When one understands that we are energy and that knowing how to use, dose and direct that energy in an appropriate and intuitive way gives us authentic wonders, we are owners of our body, brain and therefore, desires.

Everything we want to do, can be.

The key is to learn to eat mindfully. More slowly . That time you invest in chewing, savoring, thanking and visualizing is vital. Helps you create. to innovate To display all your imagination and act with motivation.

Because to be efficient at work, you need energy, motivation and inspiration . All this, which seems very abstract and esoteric, is given by the body. Through the secretion of certain hormones, such as dopamine or serotonin, your brain will be more predisposed to think, devise, focus and concentrate.

Therefore, feeling pleasure when eating is vital. Meditating while eating is essential. Giving yourself the time and space to chew and savor is essential. We not only absorb food, we also secrete hormones in the body. And this also feeds our brain.

It makes us feel happy. What can be more optimal for work than a nourished and relaxed body? What can be more invigorating than a content and focused mind?

Mindfuleating will never take up your time. It will teach you to use your time. To live happily. Safe and fearless. With energy and vitality. Eager to create and the necessary inspiration to innovate.

Mae Knapnougel

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