Music for Yoga

How many times have you needed that magical music that transports you to that place where you dream, a place free of worries, where events flow lightly in a carefree way and you... you feel fully present.

A few months ago we were looking for music to do yoga that would inspire our practice; we wanted something different, magical. It is then that we discovered this playlist with a touch of jazz that we fell in love with and became the soundtrack that has accompanied us in our vinyasas and in moments of reflection.


Click on the image to open the playlist on Spotify

It is a jewel that we could not stop sharing, although we must give the credit to Vanesa Lorenzo who is the person who created the playlist and of course we have asked permission before sharing...

… But we can't wait for you to meet her and inspire you as much as we do!

We hope you like this music to do yoga and it brings peace and serenity to your practice.


-Regina, Believe Athletics team-

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