Why invest in Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion

4 compelling reasons to invest in Slow Fashion.

Slow Fashion , a term coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher, Professor of Design, Fashion and Sustainability at the Center of Sustainable Fashion in London, is a booming trend of great value and consideration .

This concept of Sustainable Fashion was born with the intention of promoting a fairer and more ethical trade in clothing. They differ for being higher quality clothes , with a friendly, loyal and decipherable story behind. Because yes, Slow Fashion introduces the traceability of the garments , that is, the consumer knows for sure all the production processes of the product. He knows who, where and under what conditions the clothes he buys have been made.

In addition, the materials used by the companies that join Slow Fashion are noble, pure, do not pollute the environment and are recyclable .

The values ​​on which this trend is based are the following: truthfulness, justice, conscience, altruism, delicacy, nobility, respect ... Your company philosophy? Offer a product that, due to its delicate preparation, must be treated with love. Above all, quality is prioritized over quantity; justice to power; slow to speed.

Investing in Slow Fashion is vital because :

  • They respect the environment : caring for the Planet is vital to offer well-being to humanity. The companies that are born following the Slow Fashion are aware of the danger in which we find ourselves . We have abused the natural resources of the Earth, out of greed and dissatisfaction, out of desire for power and fear of losing. All this is due to the ferocious capitalism of recent years. And people of great nobility and vision have decided to counteract this natural massacre by creating companies with impeccable sustainable ethics . They do not seek mass production or to the detriment of the health of their employees; quite the opposite. Not only do they use a noble and biodegradable material in their garments, but they also care about the well-being of those who make their clothes. They are careful with everything. They do not consider the employee as a robot, but as a true human. Like a son they must take care of . And that extrapolates it to everything else.
  • They are transparent : another factor that characterizes them is their transparency. They are companies that inform their consumers about everything behind not only the product itself, but the company in general. This is extremely important to them: they no longer consider the buyer as a simple consumer, but as someone who is part of their community . They do not want to lie, or cheat; they do not use psychological techniques to encourage unnecessary buying; They do not play with the wishes of the human being. They want to offer something beautiful and useful that improves their quality of life but does not generate dependency or misery. Greed is over. They seek harmony: that their consumers are in tune with themselves is essential for this type of company.

Slow Fashion: why invest in this type of business?

  • They follow the slow life philosophy : the dizzying speed at which life in capitalist society passes has caused numerous illnesses, suicides and depressions. It has disconnected the human from life itself, submerging him in a whirlwind of incessant stimuli, awakening unnecessary desires in him; causing an abysmal existential lack. Slow Fashion was born with the intention of promoting a different lifestyle , based on the awareness of each act, the care of words, the care towards the elaborated product. They are not looking for massive and fast production; they are committed to the care and attention in the manufacturing process . They respect the times of Nature , synchronizing with the cadence of life itself. They are humble, respectful and patient . Its product arises from unconditional love; from the desire to help; of the desire to create. To create without exploiting. Of sculpting art from consciousness and humanity; from love and compassion.
  • They promote health, not perfection : the companies that emerge from Slow Fashion are well aware of the damage that beauty canons have caused, especially in women. No more skeleton models; the faces perfectly made up. It is committed to naturalness, spontaneity and femininity . The health of the buyer is very important. Their advertising campaigns are usually a support to promote personal care from the inside. To encourage self-love without self-centeredness. No prejudice. His intention is to elevate the concept of beauty to something more universal, and even spiritual . Beauty is born from within, from love towards oneself and towards everything else. Of respect for life. From the desire to live that magnificent life. And health is a fundamental pillar for well-being.

Slow Fashion is, after all, a lifestyle that many companies have incorporated into their daily lives.  You no longer work solely to earn income; one works to offer love and contentment. You no longer work in competitive environments; camaraderie is promoted. You no longer work to be someone; one works for the love of art. This is the ideal of every company born in the Slow Fashion trend . It is a long and steep road, with obstacles and unforeseen events. For this, as consumers, we should be grateful. Be patient. And support those businesses that do good for humanity, and not only seek personal benefit.

We are one thing, disguised as a thousand faces.

Let's support each other; Let's be honest and virtuous .

Mae Knapnougel

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