Why does practicing Yoga relax?

Discover all the science behind the practice of Yoga.

Yoga relaxes

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient science . It is a tool that allows us to better understand life. We could liken it to an essay with some basic principles (the yamas and the niyamas) that guide us on the path that is life. It is not a religion. Nor is it a sect.

It is a life perspective. A way of seeing life.

Its purpose is to eliminate any finality and turn the path into the final result. What does this mean? Yoga, what it seeks, is that you be present. Here and now. In the place where reality unfolds. Where the truth resides

Yoga in Sanskrit means union . And this union refers to the harmony between body, mind and soul; to the balance between the inner world and the outer world; to the balance between movement and stillness. Between noise and silence; between the opposite worlds.

Why does Yoga relax?

Yoga itself does not promote duality . And when one thinks that life can be lived without constantly labeling it as good or bad, calm emerges. In itself, the thought that nothing is good or bad generates a lot of tranquility. It allows us, little by little, to feel at peace in the moment in which we find ourselves.

Because? Because if nothing is good or bad, then there is no need to think "it should be" or "it should be"... This frees us. This lightens us up.

What are the benefits of yoga?

More and more scientific studies show the therapeutic benefits of yoga:

  • His philosophy brings us calm , since it promotes love , sincerity, humility, compassion, internal listening, cleansing, calm, contentment, acceptance, gratitude , meditation , self-care... When one begins to Studying yoga and listening to its vocabulary, where the words "peace", "acceptance", "love" or "presence" are repeated with great frequency, the mind calms down. The mental universe that unfolds when hearing them is similar to a calm lake reverberating the tinkle of a clear starry sky.
  • their chemistry is pleasurable. When we practice yoga we secrete a series of hormones that produce calm and pleasure. The increase in dopamine and oxytocin explains the feeling of well-being and integrity that we feel when we finish. In addition, this helps us feel more prepared and focused when managing a stressful situation.
  • We slow down the rhythm of the organism . When we take longer, deeper and fuller breaths, what we do is introduce less oxygen into the body. Our heartbeat slows down and our muscles relax. Our mind opens up to creativity, ideas flow more easily, attention is refined and memory is sharpened.
  • We stabilize emotions . An altered emotional body generates a lot of confusion and ignorance. When we practice yoga and begin to contemplate that fluctuation of emotions flowing within us, we realize that none of this is true, nor is it eternal. Understanding that thoughts and sensations do not last long frees us from a great weight. It allows us to be calm, even though we feel afraid. Because? Because we know that it is perishable. That it is a matter of time before it dissolves and disappears.

Yoga relaxes and heals

restorative styles.

All styles of Yoga relax. However, there are some like Hatha Yoga , Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga that focus all their energy on activating the parasympathetic system.

They are designed mainly and exclusively to relax. Through slow movement, long lingering, and deep breaths, these quieter styles are a balm for those who are always on the go.

They mainly secrete serotonin and melatonin. They are the perfect tools to find peace of mind and tame speed .

Yoga is a godsend right now. Starting with 10 minutes a day is enough . All change needs small steps. And little by little, as its motto dictates, miracles will emerge. Each step brings you closer to the result. Because the step itself is the result.

Mae Knapnougel

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