What is unconditional love?

unconditional love

Discover the true meaning of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a term to be respected . Not everything is love. And above all, it is absent when possession is born . Many people believe that to love is to want: but that is not true. When one wants, the intention arises from the desire to possess. When one loves, the intention arises from a place of calm .

The act of wanting means, in itself, that there is a separation between the subject who wants and the object wanted . This separation is usually a cause of suffering, since one identifies with his ego. When one wants from the ego, there is a distance: this causes fear . Afraid of what? To lose the loved object . Knowing that one cannot permanently possess things or people, he realizes that something is wrong with his love, because it generates despair.

That is why it is essential to learn to love unconditionally .

And what does that mean?

Loving unconditionally means accepting, embracing and letting go . Accept that nothing is permanent and therefore everything is born and dies. Embrace the present moment, without feeling the need to modify or control it. Release the attachment to possession: abandon the desire to acquire.

What is unconditional love

And how can I apply it?

Unconditional love towards oneself : loving oneself without condition is vital to love others and life in general . This does not mean being vain, proud or self-centered. Quite the opposite. When you truly love yourself, you allow all the factors that make you up to be. What does that mean? That the time and space is offered to feel any feeling . Instead of running away from fear, thought that it makes you weak and vulnerable, you contemplate it. He watches it. He seeks to understand its reason for being, because he knows that it is showing him something. Therefore, by loving oneself unconditionally, one begins to heal. Because? Because it gives you the opportunity to truly understand yourself . There are no conditions anymore, everything is worthy of your attention. If you want to cry, you do. If you feel the need to laugh, you do. And most importantly: you feel happy, grateful and fulfilled for feeling all those emotions. Let go of your obsession with being in permanent contact with pleasure and fleeing from pain; Let go of your resistance to the world of opposites. Everything is worth observing, embracing and honoring. Everything is part of your own divinity.

Meditation, yoga, tai-chi, spontaneous writing, improvised dancing, uncontrolled singing, forest bathing are some practices that feed unconditional love. They teach to develop sincere compassion , a faculty inherent to all of humanity. No one is born bad by nature. It is the experiences that alter it. But everyone has the opportunity to return home. To connect again with unconditional love.

Unconditional love towards others : once one acquires the natural habit of allowing oneself to be, one naturally accepts others . And that is unconditional love. Accepting the other means embracing their everything : their virtues and defects, their qualities and weaknesses, their comings and goings, their victories and defeats... One does not see the other as a source of interest; one sees in the other a mirror of his being . There is no longer separation: union is born. It is no longer related from possession; He establishes his relationship from compassion. And how to get to this idyll? Letting the other be as he is. Without imposing beliefs on him, just making suggestions. Without forcing him to do anything, giving him permission to express what is needed. Without praising or belittling him; listening and supporting him. Loving unconditionally does not mean accepting the other's violence or submitting to the other. One must be aware that loving unconditionally sometimes brings hard decisions to make. If, for example, you feel that your life situation is slowing down the evolution of your partner, instead of going out of your way to keep him attached to you, you will let him go. If you feel that your son wants to study something that you had never considered, you will support and help him. If you feel that in your work you are stealing a position in which you no longer feel full but for comfort you do not want to leave, you will. To love unconditionally is to let go. Abandon the desires of the ego for the good of others .

What is unconditional love and how to feel it?

Unconditional love towards life, in general : finally, having learned the act of loving oneself and others, the individual is ready to let go . Instead of wanting to control the events that happen, one opens up to everything that happens. You no longer feel like planning or anticipating things; Enjoy with all the surprises that each day brings you . You no longer feel the need to think anxiously about the future; He sees the possibility of improvement in the future. To move forward To continue. But he does not do it with his mind set on the goal; He does it with his mind focused on the present. It becomes step, instead of stepping . It merges with the path, instead of walking a path. It is by accepting things as they come, how one is freed from the suffering they bring. When we let ourselves be carried away by the current of life, we learn to live with joy. Happy and serene. No fixed goals. With an open mind. And a heart full of beauty. Unconditionally loving life in general allows us to wake up. Shine. And illuminate.

Thus, unconditional love goes beyond the desire to feel fulfilled: unconditional love is accepting that we can only love if we are freedom . We give freedom. And we react from freedom. Without the risk of dying, we could not live.

Mae Knapnougel

Enjoy this meditation to connect with unconditional love. In every human being resides the divine spark of love: you just need to pay attention to it again. We wish with all our heart that you connect with your interior and little by little you recover that gift that was given to you.

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