Conscious Consumption: what does it mean to consume consciously?

Discover what conscious consumption is and how to put it into practice in daily life.

Conscious Consumption

We hear the expression “conscious consumption” more and more regularly. We read about it in magazines, we hear about it on podcasts, we see it written about in influencers' publications… It is clear that its power is growing.

What is Conscious Consumption?

Conscious consumption is nothing more than consuming what one really needs. It requires a process of self exploration and inquiry. It is important to understand our authentic needs to make conscious purchases.

In addition, if we have the possibility, we will consume what does not cause environmental damage . In other words, we not only buy what is strictly necessary, but the product or experience we acquire respects life in all its facets (sustainability and human ethics).

Imagine, for example, that you have been wearing the same sportswear for many years. This is now very worn and it is very uncomfortable for you because it has occurred. In this case, you need to buy a new set. You need it for a matter of comfort. And for a matter of aesthetics (you shouldn't feel superficial for being attracted to the image, it's something nice if it doesn't become obsessive).

In this case, for conscious consumption to be complete, you must be realistic with your budget and buy what is fair and necessary. In the event that in a sustainable fashion brand you could only buy one outfit while in a fast fashion brand you could buy up to three, conscious consumption would be to opt for the first. You dedicate your money to support a company that has a positive impact on the planet and cover your need to acquire a new, more comfortable and aesthetic garment.

Benefits of Conscious Consumption

What are the benefits of consuming consciously?

The benefits of conscious consumption are the following:

  • avoid a negative environmental impact,
  • reduce pollution and labor exploitation in the world,
  • support companies with a soul that promote great human values,
  • reduce unnecessary expenses and save money,
  • reduce stress and anxiety,
  • align with your real needs,
  • give you a greater understanding of your inner world...

Conscious consumption is an act of self-care . Through your own self-exploration, you learn to consume with respect and attention, without wasting or wasting.

Tips to consume consciously.

Before any purchase, you can ask yourself the following questions :

  • how I feel today?
  • what do i really need to buy today?
  • what am i missing right now? What is it that if I acquire, will add value to me? what is the reason behind this feeling? why do i want to buy this?
  • If I buy this, will I feel fuller? is it aligned with my values? Will it not be, in the long run, an extra source of stress and anxiety?
  • where does it come from? who has devised or made it?

From here, you can greatly limit your purchases and practice a more conscious and intelligent consumption . Remember that sometimes you will be wrong: it is completely normal and natural. All learning needs mistakes to be able to settle and master. Be compassionate with yourself and enjoy different and more conscious purchases.

Mae Knapnougel

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