What is Mindfuleating and how to apply it to your day to day?

The Mindfuleating

Discover the real meaning of "mindfuleating" and learn to put it into practice in your day to day.

Mindfuleating, also known as “mindful eating”, is a spiritual and empirical practice to learn to eat in the present. It is a tool that helps us penetrate the authentic essence of things: in this case, that of food and everything it represents on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

The hectic times we currently live in have distanced us from the true meaning of life : understanding and self-knowledge, working on our inner gift and elevating our existence to serve the entire world.

We chain one task after another, we gobble up one meal after another , we talk without any purpose, Many times, we even act to fill in the blanks... The shrill noise of cars or construction sites has become the soundtrack for most of us. . And so, we miss out on the miracles of life and feed ourselves endlessly on countless toxins. The darkness of ignorance and the lack of vitality then take over our body and weigh down our mind.

The practice of Mindfuleating comes to teach us something very important: pause, breathe and nourish ourselves . Nourish ourselves with physical food and positive thoughts. Understand the origin of what we consume and participate in the creation of an idyllic world.

How to apply Mindfuleating?

So what is the practice of Mindfuleating?

It is the awareness of the authentic value of food and the implementation of full attention to consume it with presence.

Eating is no longer considered a simple procedure; eating becomes a ritual to feed and heal .

How can I start to be aware of what I eat and how I eat it?

  • Having the courage to dedicate a sacred time to food : the first step to make the practice of mindfuleating a daily habit is to know if we really have the desire and motivation to pause our rhythm of life and dedicate ourselves to exploring its wonders. One of the fundamentals of this activity is slowness and stillness : mindfuleating teaches us to eat more slowly, to savor each bite, to observe the sensations that food generates in our body, the emotions that it awakens in our hearts... It is to be 100% committed to the act of eating and therefore to the present moment. At first, you will have to sacrifice your television hours to eat with more love. Or prioritize self-exploration over mundane exchange with the outside world. Maybe you should reduce the time you spend on the phone and invest it in cooking with love and nurturing yourself with respect. It is important that you understand that being something new, it can be scary. But we can only change our way of thinking by changing our way of acting. Otherwise life will remain the same.
  • Having the courage to sit in silence in front of food : another important pillar is knowing that from time to time, one must silence moments of their day to connect with their most pristine reality . This does not mean that we should always eat in silence: this means that when we eat we are not consuming other external stimuli . That when we eat we are not looking at the phone. We're not watching the news or talking about what we're going to do next. In order to benefit from mindfuleating, we must eat in silence, from time to time. Dedicate our attention to the movements we make, how we chew, what we taste and what we think . You don't need to do it with a whole plate to begin with: a few bites are enough. A piece of fruit at mid-morning. Or a vegetable cream at night. Sudden changes are not recommended: small acts carried out with love and enthusiasm are more valuable and effective. Breathing can be a very valuable tool in the art of eating with presence: interspersing bites with small pauses to breathe naturally will ground us more and more.

Practice Mindfulness

  • Have the intention to live the process with patience and without demands : something that will differentiate the successful practitioner from the complainer is the willingness to accept setbacks . In any new practice, steps are taken forward and backward. To learn to walk, a child must constantly fall and get up. The same should happen with the practice of mindfuleating : we will eat in silence a couple of times, and other times we will swallow unconsciously. We will focus the topic of conversation on the miracle that our plate represents and on another occasion, we will let ourselves be carried away by the news that our table companion wants to tell us. If we do not respect our imperfection, we can never aspire to perfection . If we don't forgive ourselves when we're wrong, we can't keep taking steps. All errors must be welcomed and analyzed: by inquiring into their original reason, we can understand with intelligence and wisdom those elements that disconnect us and treat us, in the future, with more benevolence. If your habit is to eat while talking with your family, it will be difficult for you to impose silence overnight: mindfuleating is not about that. It is better to propose the intention of focusing the entire conversation on gratitude, on the taste of food, on how miraculous the act of nourishing oneself is, and on everything that is being felt when generating this new act.
  • Have the desire to share this experience: for the practice to be successful, several things are advisable. Announcing to our environment the intention to incorporate mindfuleating in our day to day is important. We must feel that others, even if they don't understand it, respect our decision ; otherwise it can be tricky. Knowing that our loved ones, our friends or co-workers are aware of this matter will make us feel good: we will be able to carry out our little silent ritual with more tranquility and full freedom . In addition, they may be curious and also want to try it. In this case, the miracle is twofold: not only have we had the courage to silence our fears and eat in silence, but we do so by sharing that source of stillness and peace with others . Being together, sharing healthy food, consciously nourishing ourselves and without the need to exchange words, is something magical. Furthermore, it is not necessary to always practice it in silence either. Directing the topic of the conversation around food is also practicing mindfuleating : through the energy of words, we focus our minds on food and share our feelings and smiles.

What is Mindfuleating?

Mindfuleating is, in short, a practice to empty the mind of labels and prejudices, to work on concentration and gratitude , to nourish the body and feed the soul.

To offer you an experiential and authentic experience around this spiritual practice, we will share with you a Mindfuleating Workshop on our Instagram Direct next Saturday, February 20 at 12:30 in the morning . It will be supported by @mae.mindfulyoga who has been practicing mindfuleating every day for 4 years. You will only need a splendid and wonderful avocado: it will become a miracle.

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