What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga: movement and fervor with awareness and kindness.

power yoga

Power Yoga is a dynamic practice style that incorporates many advanced Ashtanga asanas . The difference is in the transitions that link one position to another . While in Ashtanga the rhythm and sequence is always the same, in Power Yoga everything changes without stopping.

History of Power Yoga

History of Power Yoga

This dynamic and fiery style was born in the nineties by Beryl, an American who, after long years of study in India, realized that the Western world needed a very busy practice to connect with its mystical essence. In this way, he created a style based on Ashtanga Yoga but with free series to take the practitioner to a state of meditation through fluid and intense movements .

Power Yoga Philosophy

Power Yoga Philosophy

Power Yoga is a very free, volatile and changing practice. The idea is that each class is different, each teacher has the opportunity to print their personal brand, each practitioner performs an option according to their needs and the rhythm does not stop.

In Power Yoga classes, breaks are rare. They are fluid, very creative, fast and intense sequences that anyone can practice and adjust. It is true that if you are a person who has never practiced Yoga before, it is a very big challenge. In these cases, you can face your frustration and gradually improve your skills, or start with courses for beginners . Both options are valid and both will provide you with knowledge and personal growth.

At Believe Athletics we believe that each person is unique: some start at the beginning and others at the end. And nothing is wrong.

Benefits of Power Yoga

Benefits of Power Yoga

This dynamic, fiery, creative and fun style offers numerous benefits for the body and mind:

  • develops the body's musculature from a safe and healthy place,
  • generates strength and awakens the inner fire,
  • provides body agility ,
  • improves balance and develops equanimity,
  • releases dopamine and endorphins , the hormones of motivation and action,
  • gives a wonderful sense of serenity ,
  • focuses the mind and the senses,
  • releases stress, anxiety and internal nerves .

Its constant movement and surprising character make the practitioner only think about what he is doing . That allows you to be fully present. Attached to his body and moving his body. Focusing on each gesture and without time to think about another event.

For this reason, Power Yoga offers a final sensation of peace and serenity, of connection and relaxation . Because it has allowed us to be by doing. Because it has allowed us to be without foreseeing.

Mae Knapnougel

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