The pillars of Slow Life

Discover the main pillars of the Slow Life: a slow life is eternal happiness.

Slow Life

The expression "slow life" is increasingly common in our society. Being aware of the unhappiness and misery that a life without conscience generates, many are those who begin to opt for a different lifestyle . A more conscious lifestyle. A less hurtful lifestyle.

The slow life is here to stay. And all it really does is remind us of when speed wasn't king. When the human, devoid of so much knowledge, lived to the rhythm of nature. Next to nature. Under the cusp of nature.

A slow life is not synonymous with boredom. In slow life, everything takes on a special shine . The acts performed are magical. The words intoned are delicate. Thoughts no longer control their owner. Stillness and silence are good companions. The senses are calmed and refined. Desires are appeased and do not scream. The desire to do is not so imperative: it is balanced by the basic and vital need to be. In the slow life, the individual does being. Act being. Speak being. Everything is undertaken from a state of complete presence.

But what is the slow life?

The "slow life" is nothing more than slowing down the pace of life to appreciate everything at its fair value . Instead of doing a thousand things, a few are done. Instead of going against the times of nature, the rhythms of mother earth are followed. Instead of going from one side to another, the steps are slowed down and taken carefully. Living a slower life is synonymous with wealth . Of purity. Of beauty. Everything is enhanced by the magic of presence.

Slow Life Benefits

In the slow life:

  • Quality prevails over quantity: by reducing the number of tasks to be done, we can fully engage in what we do. What does this mean? If there are fewer daily chores, we have more time to do each of them . We can use all our energy in the task undertaken. Instead of being worried about everything that remains to be finished, we enjoy each step, because we have decided to prioritize quality. We are no longer interested in quantity. Life is too short; if we fill it with many things, we will miss it without having enjoyed the moment. We will feel that we are always searching for something, dissatisfied and desolate. If we run after the demands of society, we will never truly live . Overwhelmed by so many stimuli, we will not be able to focus our attention on the simple things. Our energy will be scattered in chaos and confusion. The miracles of every second will be denied us, because obfuscated and greedy, we will always be worried about finding something. Restless to own something. Afraid of losing everything. Less is more. The less you do, the more you are. The less you want, the happier you are .
  • Humility is needed : another very important pillar that characterizes the slow life is humility . We must humble ourselves: we must understand that humans do not own life. It is rather a divine creation of life . By understanding this truth, the predisposition and will to adaptability is born in us. We no longer control things: rather we live things. We don't plan as much anymore; we do what we can and let heaven take care of the rest. Humility is needed to accept events without complaining or wanting to change. Humility is needed to accept the times of nature and adapt to them . It takes humility to be patient and not run after what we take for granted. Humility is needed to understand that things are not a right, rather a gift from the universe. Through humility, we develop compassion, love, kindness, and honesty . We return to what we once were: human beings, fragile and vulnerable. Ephemeral and deadly.

The pillars of Slow Life

  • It is synonymous with peace and well-being : slow living brings tranquility, health and often longevity . It is an existence where material wealth does not prevail; value is given to the riches of the heart. It is not important to be the best; possession is not important. In Slow Life, individuals seek to grow and evolve with a very simple purpose: to remember their divine nature . Reconnect with goodness and kindness. Use thoughts to unite the entire universe. When opting for a slower lifestyle, meditation comes into its own . Everything is undertaken from a meditative state. Each step taken is a manifestation of joy and life. The words are not many; the acts do not abound. Everything is reduced to recover the quality and magic. Instead of talking a lot, every word intoned is valued. Instead of acting in a frenzy, the movements are careful and slow. In this way we can value what we do, what we have and what we see.
  • A simpler life is advocated : finally, the simple and austere life is prioritized over a busy life in constant search of wealth. Desires are reduced and one looks for universal well-being . The ego is no longer important; we have decided to stop being their servants and become their owners. Through austerity and lack of ambition, those who undertake the slow lifestyle settle for simplicity and see in every moment something beautiful . In a glass of water they see the snowy mountains. In a flower they see the ethereal beauty of existence. In the smile of a child they see life and its brilliance. They are not impressed by fancy cars, exotic trips, or grandiose banquets; walking is a source of happiness, an apple is enough to feel happy and satisfied, breathing brings happiness and happiness...

In short, to adopt the Slow Life you need will, sacrifice, patience and compassion. The treasures that this kind of existence brings with it are divine. Therefore, the effort is worth it. The changes are justified. Letting go and abandoning help to start over . It is not necessary to adopt all the principles from the beginning. It is not necessary to be a devotee of slowness and uncertainty. But it can be interesting to adopt some pillars. Let yourself be inspired by some acts. Take what the heart asks for with love .

Mae Knapnougel

Photos: Aida Venture

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