Conscious and original Christmas gifts

Discover the best ideas for conscious and original Christmas gifts.

Conscious Christmas Gifts

What to give at Christmas? How can we surprise? What can be original? These are some questions that bloom in our minds when the weather begins to dress for winter.  As Christmas approaches, we all think about how to be original . How to surprise others with our creativity. On how to make them feel good with our gifts. In how to get a smile full of joy.

Although Christmas gifts are very special, there are people who suffer from anxiety as the holidays approach. They want to be sure that they will like what they are going to give away . They want to feel the security that the money they are going to invest is going to make them smile. For us it is very important to enjoy everything that comes with giving a gift: after all, the energy with which we do something is impregnated in the gift.

That is why we have thought that a list of tips on what to give at Christmas to surprise and be original can help you.

  • Think about everything the person has . This will prevent you from giving him something he doesn't really need.
  • Think about the character of that person you want to please with a Christmas gift . How is your character? What is your personality? What is your relationship with material objects? What are their real values? Do you prioritize the object over the experience? Is he a person of quantity or quality? What are your dreams? What are you usually surprised with?
  • Think about your intention when giving something away . From where are you doing this action? What do you want to convey with this gift? What are your own values? What type of consumption do you feel most comfortable with? Do you want to give away objects? Experiences? Memories? Is sustainability important to you? Do you like to give things that can add to that person? Or that you just like them?

Conscious and Sustainable Christmas Gifts

From here, once you have the answers to some of these questions, what to give at Christmas is easier. The range of possibilities is limited, which allows you to assess the options offered by the market with more attention and precision .

To surprise and be original, it is important that beyond the gift, there is a personal touch . This can be a small writing, a drawing, a detail that you know will remind the other person of a funny situation, a beautiful moment that you have lived together...

Creativity is part of all human beings. It is an innate quality.

Take a deep breath, relax, and let your mind wander.

Let the person who is going to receive your gift appear in your mind. Without any kind of control.

Images, colors, memories, emotions will probably appear next to her... That's what binds you to her. Those are the clues you need to create the perfect gift.

From here, anything is beautiful and perfect if you add your own print shop.

Mae Knapnougel

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