Beautifulness: the power of the beauty ritual

Discover the power of conscious beauty rituals.


Beauty. What a beautiful word. Upon hearing the word beauty, a universe of softness, luminosity, femininity and delicacy unfolds.

Beauty is not something artificial. Beauty is the very expression of life.

Nature is beautiful.

The flowers are perfect.

The gems are brilliant.

The skin is smooth.

Combining something as pleasant as beauty with something as subtle and powerful as full attention forms a perfect equation: embodying beauty from awareness and humility .

What is a beauty ritual?

A beauty ritual is a moment of intimacy and personal care . By ritualizing the habit of putting on makeup, for example, we are elevating this moment to a more sacred plane.

We stop doing it automatically or unconsciously to be aware of each gesture and movement. The habit ceases to be something mechanical to become something magical .

Ritualizing your personal self-care is giving it a higher meaning.

You take care of yourself to celebrate the life that runs through your veins. You take care of yourself to give your body love and respect. You take care of yourself to honor others. You take care of yourself to connect with your own truth.

A beauty ritual is not superficial, it is a gesture of great kindness and generosity. What's wrong with enhancing certain areas of the face with color, light and love? We all eat healthy food to feel good. We have the same right to hydrate, exfoliate and put on makeup to feel good. It is a healthy act. It is an equally sacred moment.

What are the effects of a beauty ritual?

What is Beautifulness

Furthermore, conscious beauty rituals have very positive effects on the mind :

  • improve self-esteem, confidence, connection with oneself,
  • calm the mental turmoil by activating the parasympathetic nervous system,
  • They allow the development of skills such as precision, concentration, creativity and imagination,
  • they connect the person with their most intimate and feminine side…

Beauty rituals empower us. They prepare us to walk through life with a courageous, firm and conscious attitude . They restore our confidence and self-assurance. They are the expression of our emotion. From our most human side. From our heart.

Consciousness and beauty: mindfulness ritual to connect with your femininity.

Applying full attention to the makeup ritual, for example, is a very beautiful way to connect with our divine part.

we are goddesses We are beings of light and of great beauty that can awaken their full potential through delicacy and softness. Violence and aggressiveness are not necessary to demonstrate our worth and strength. Quite the opposite.

This beautifulness practice is ideal to incorporate into your beauty ritual . It is not something complicated. It is very simple and nice. You don't have to practice it every day, do it when you feel you have the necessary time. Don't force yourself into anything. Your nature is perfect and sacred.

Stand in front of the mirror.

Observe yourself for a few moments.

The lines of your face.

Your eyes. The contour of your eyes.

Your mouth. The contour of your mouth.

Gently lift the corners, draw your own smile.

How do you feel today? How do you want to see yourself today?

Connect with your emotions and let them do your makeup.

What do you want to manifest in your life? Make up to fulfill those dreams you have.

Be aware of each gesture. From the pressure of the utensils on your face. Of the color changes that are generated on your face. From the energy with which you perform this ritual.

Breathe. Inhale and exhale through the nose.

Enjoy this moment. Be aware of your entire body.

Relax the brow.

And keep doing your makeup. Keep drawing yourself. sit down love yourself Celebrate yourself.

Mae Knapnougel

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