Feeling fear is normal and necessary

Feeling fear is normal and necessary

If you're feeling more anxiety than usual these days, you're not alone . The situation has us subjected to more stress and uncertainty than normal and reacting with apprehension is the most natural thing in the world.

This is because the human mind has the need to take control and do all things planned , but the course of life is by definition uncertain and difficult to predict.

However, there is something that we can learn to control: our mind and our way of reacting to unexpected or unforeseen situations.

For many people, the fear of the unknown is their biggest struggle, so focusing on the present is a great way to start.

There is no greater privilege than enjoying the moment , making the most of every opportunity, living as if it were the last day. With this attitude, you start investing in things that really matter.

Learning to look at things positively also makes you enjoy the present. First accept that life can never be perfect . Every once in a while there are unexpected challenges that upset your plans and knowing that you can't have everything planned all the time can change your perspective. Recognizing that every problem has a solution is a good way to develop a positive attitude.

Meditate to control your mind

To achieve a positive attitude and evade our fears, it is essential to take control of our mind.

Make the mind submit to your will from time to time. For a few minutes each day, establish a time when you can close your eyes and empty your mind of everything that bothers you . Slowly visualize only the positive things, especially the ones you are going to do on that specific day. Do this as often as you need to, when you are tempted to return to a hurtful moment in the past or when worry threatens you. This is a way to clear the thoughts that affect your feelings and your actions.

Learning to identify the things that scare you and overcome these unfounded fears can make life easier to bear.

Life is not perfect, but it can be very beautiful and full of happiness. It only depends on you.

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