Feel comfortable on the beach

Feel comfortable on the beach: do not fear your "imperfections" or fall into comparisons.

Feel comfortable on the beach

With the arrival of summer, many women feel tension and chills. They are forced to show everyone their body and its "defects".

Suddenly, everything that they did not like about their body but that they could hide under their winter clothes must be revealed. shown. And that generates, in many cases, fear and sorrow .

Some people directly decide not to go to the beach. Others opt for express diets to lose weight quickly. There are also women who use all their savings in surgical interventions...

The goal is for the body to resemble as much as possible the canons of beauty that that person considers to be correct. They think, "That body is beautiful, I must be similar or the same, otherwise mine will be ugly", "That body is the one that attracts all eyes, if I don't look like it, no one will pay attention to me, I will be invisible, insufficient. ”…

Everything arises, therefore, from the feeling of insufficiency suffered by the vast majority of people in our society. We are insufficient when they don't look at us, they don't praise us, they don't admire us or approve. We are insufficient if our belly is not flat, if our skin is not smooth, if our chest is not round or our buttocks are firm. We do not deserve to be happy if we do not meet the physical requirements that society considers perfect.

Thus, everything arises from the mind . Although the apparent reason is physical, the real origin is mental . It is the mind that qualifies a body as fit or unfit. It is the mind that compares one anatomical figure with another. It is the mind that decides whether one can feel comfortable or uncomfortable. The work must, then, be mental. We must be able to change the behavior patterns of our mind in order to feel calm and comfortable on the beach.

How to feel comfortable on the beach?

Here are some tips that can help you on the path of self-healing and acceptance:

  • Avoid comparisons : we all fall into the harmful tendency to compare ourselves. We mentally place our body in front of another and carry out a deep and intense diagnosis of the similarities and differences. We are not aware of how wonderful and miraculous it is to be a unique individual . Among all the beings on this planet and those of others, there is no one like you. That is magic. That's power. That is incredibly poetic and beautiful. Why compare your individuality? Why reject your authenticity? No one has your features, no one has your forms, no one has your feelings or emotions, no one has the ideas that you have... The miracle of life resides in you . An infinitely abundant and full life, beautiful and unique. Instead of comparing your body to someone else's, celebrate its uniqueness and uniqueness. You are as perfect as any other woman . Every morning when you wake up, think about the following: "Today I am offered the opportunity to explore and use this wonderful temple that I live in to create more peace and generate greater well-being, to be light and help", "Today I have decided that I am going to celebrate my authenticity, my individuality”, “today I choose to love and accept my body, because it is unique and perfect”…
  • Question perfection : another mental task that we must perform is to question the concept that we have created around the word "perfection" . Why do you think that only certain bodies, certain shapes or colors, certain textures or realities are perfect? Why are there certain images that generate well-being and others discomfort? Where does the definition of what perfection is for you come from? Conceiving a child is one of the most beautiful acts and yet it transforms your body. Giving birth is a perfect act and yet it generates a lot of suffering. Isn't the body of an adult woman, with its curves and wrinkles, just as perfect as that of a young, smooth and petite girl? What is the difference? Some colors change, textures differ and yet both have the energy of femininity, delicacy and peace. Understand that nothing is perfect or that everything is perfect and you will live with lightness, serenity and happiness.
  • Create a Self-Acceptance Ritual : Building a daily self-care ceremony builds self-esteem and self-acceptance. Taking care of yourself is not superficial, taking care of yourself is an act of kindness. Spend a few moments of your day cleaning yourself, massaging yourself, hydrating yourself, perfurming yourself. Imagine that you are a goddess: each act expresses your own beauty, each thought is a manifestation of purity. Perform this ritual in a pleasant space, with flowers and intoxicating smells, with calm music and dim light. What we offer you is not a luxury, it is a fundamental necessity . Self care is just as important as work. To be well in any field (personal, social or professional), you must know how to take care of yourself. Love and respect you.
  • Living in the present moment : thinking every day that maybe it is the last of our lives can help us not to worry. When one understands, with the heart, that his time is counted, that at any moment he can cease to exist, the concerns surrounding the body vanish. Why should I be obsessed with keeping something that was destined to decay pristine? Why should I be constantly worrying about whether my body meets the expectations of others, whether we will all end up as dust? Why waste my wonderful energy when maybe it's my last day? Live as if you were going to die every second and you will understand that life is more than a body. That life is more than your desires. That you are more than an ego.

Finally, it is essential to learn to accept and honor the body we inhabit . Otherwise, we will be unhappy and miserable, we will always be dissatisfied and desolate. Think for a moment about all the wonderful capacities that your body is capable of performing without your intervention: metabolism, digestion, nutrient absorption, cleansing and excretion processes, neurotransmission mechanisms...

He is always, unconditionally and perfectly, at your disposal. He will always accept and love you for who you really are: a spiritual being inhabiting a mortal body.

Celebrate life, celebrate the good weather, celebrate the miracle of breathing. Feeling comfortable on the beach is possible: you decide.

And if you want to understand what it means to "inhabit a body, be a body, live in a body" we recommend this meditation : it will show you the path to union.


Mae Knapnougel

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