Conscious Gifts Online Store

Discover our Online Store of Conscious Gifts for this Christmas 2021.

Conscious Gifts Online Store

We know how difficult Christmas gift shopping can be. For this reason and because we feel that our main purpose is to serve you, we have created an online shop for conscious gifts .

Online Store of Sustainable Gifts

We have already talked a lot about the importance of conscious consumption at Christmas and how to create original and sustainable gifts for this holiday.

But since not all of us have the same time or the same money, we have made things very easy for you: an online store with different conscious gifts according to your budget and desires .

Mindful Gift Guide

Christmas Conscious Gifts Online Store

This shop doubles as a guide to special Believe Athletics gifts. Our intention is to take care of each gift as if you prepared it, because what counts is to make them feel special and enjoy giving as a gift.

In it you will find different proposals:

  • The Luxury Gift Set : you can choose between different sets, such as the Winter Lux Set or the Gym Lover Set. You can add it to a black box, choose the color of the bow and write a special note.
  • Gifts by price : in this section of the store you can choose the budget to invest, the color you like best, the type of garment to give away, the size...
  • Personalized gifts : in this section we have differentiated all our garments according to the type of person who buys us the most. Yoginis, running lovers, Pilates practitioners, barre dancers, gym enthusiasts, lovers of outdoor sports... From there, you have the possibility to choose the price that best suits you, the type of product you are looking, the color, the size...
  • Gift Card : for people who are not sure what they might like, we have devised this Gift Card. This card is a gift in itself. It comes beautifully packaged, placed in a luxurious black box tied with a pretty silver bow. You can choose between cards of €50, €100 and up to €150. The best of all? It does not expire.
  • Ayurvedic Water Bottle – Inspired by the Ayurvedic practice of tamra jal, this luxurious bottle made of 100% natural copper, neutralizes toxins while ionizing and balancing the pH of the water.
  • The Christmas Edit : as is now the tradition, every year for Christmas a Limited Collection arrives in Cherry, accompanied this year by garnets and blacks.

It has never been easier to give thoughtful gifts during Christmas. Remember that your power as a consumer is enormous: your consumption decides the future of the Earth. Meditate for a few moments, look inside and think about the place you want to leave to others. Nothing is more beautiful than a conscious gift that looks out for the good of any living being .

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