A Course in Miracles

Discover "A Course in Miracles": the mental training course that transforms your life.

A Course in Miracles

If you have never heard of A Course in Miracles (UCDM), today I want to introduce it to you, tell you what it is, what it is for and all the benefits you can get if you decide to do it.

First I introduced myself. I'm Lucía from @renacida_bysollu and I got to know A Course in Miracles 7 years ago, by the hand of references in the wellness area such as Enric Corbera, Sergi Torres or Mía Astral . They, among others, are some of the referents of spirituality who have studied it and currently use it in their teachings, due to the power it has in the processes of personal transformation and self-healing.

ACIM, as its name indicates, is a book that contains a course that lasts one year . It is made up of a theoretical part and a practical part, with 365 lessons, one for each day of the year. During its duration, it teaches you to become aware of all the beliefs that are currently ruling your life , creating situations of conflict and suffering around you. It gives you a method to release and heal them. It teaches you to connect with your Internal Teacher and gives you new beliefs, aligned with the Universal Energy of Creation, that is, with Love .

Meaning of A Course in Miracles

It is a book that, although it deals with spiritual themes of a universal nature, does so from a Christian perspective, since its writing process was done using an internal dictation technique: a voice in the head of its author (an agnostic professor at the University of from Columbia in New York), who introduced herself as Jesus, began to teach him the course, a process that lasted 7 years until its completion.

However, I want to clarify that A Course in Miracles is NOT a religious book nor does it want to impose dogmas or ideologies . Quite the opposite! Its goal is for you to question every belief you learned, to:

- discover if it is aligned or not with Love,

- give you a method to heal them and help you train your mind to co-create a life that reflects a state of true self-love.

To develop his learning method, he starts from a Universal Truth: everything is Love and only Love is real .

What happens then when we are not living in Love? Why don't we have true Love experiences?

It happens that we are asleep, having scary dreams. Thus the course teaches you to wake up, giving you the daily teachings you need to apply in your own life , in all situations and with all your relationships. Past, present or future. Whether with people alive or dead.

With everything that crosses your mind and you are in conflict. With yourself, with life, with everything! This is so because, if everything is Love and the only thing that exists is Love, this means that the mind is One. Therefore, what you heal in yourself has consequences for others . And vice versa.

Benefits of A Course in Miracles

The Course gives you a method (true forgiveness), gives you help (your Internal Teacher) and leads you to a goal (peace).

ACIM is not a magic pill or antidote. It requires the will to work on you, to see your unconscious (even the most painful), patience and time.

That's why it's designed to be taken seriously. You can't just read it and learn it. It is impossible to rationally read and understand A Course in Miracles. It's written on a double level, it speaks to two parts of your mind, and because of that, it's often hard to understand.

It is also a completely metaphysical book, only written with Christian language and concepts. All this is so on purpose: so that it is not another book on spirituality, that you read and be forgotten. ACIM is written for you to live it! It is a course for you to put into practice in your daily life, with all its lessons, since ultimately it is the experience (and not the belief) that produces the transformation in the mind. If you do it consciously, I assure you that the mind really transforms.

You will know things from your unconscious that you did not know were there and with it, a change in your life will come.

You will learn to see the origin of all your suffering and to transform it . Life tends to get better. Maybe not always in the way or time we expect, but transformation happens, even in better ways than dreamed of.

ACIM is ideal for all those people who are suffering, or who have a conflict in their lives (however minimal). Or people who doubt themselves and their own mind. People with any type of problem benefit from studying it . I want to confess to you that when the Course came to me, I was in a very ugly moment in my life, with a great existential crisis and in a deep emotional well.

Nowadays, I never tire of thanking for having studied it, since its teachings not only got me out of that mental pit in which I was, but also made me rediscover life and myself. I got to know aspects of myself that I didn't know existed (of a lot of light and a lot of darkness).

It helped me to understand each painful experience, to understand and forgive others (and myself too). And it filled that existential void that I felt in my chest, re-signifying the purpose of my life. This does not mean that I never felt pain again and that my whole life turned rosy. No. It means that I learned to experience all situations and relationships from the correct perspective . I learned that the purpose of my life is to live everything I live and learn from it. To modify what I can and to be at peace with what I cannot modify. To co-create my life from a more authentic space with who I am in essence, beyond the beliefs acquired by the place, time and space in which I was born and raised.

What is a Course in Miracles

However, this is a daily job. I apply ACIM to every aspect of my life and I am in constant practice, since there are always aspects in which to deepen and heal. But I can tell you that since I found it, nothing has ever been the same. I never again felt those painful emotions and feelings. I never fell back into those self-destructive thoughts again.

That is why, currently I dedicate myself to disseminate their teachings and facilitate their learning . So that everyone has spiritual (and real) tools to heal and learn to co-create the life that their heart longs for. Briefly, with ACIM:

  • you learn to see your unconscious,
  • you learn to know your ego and not be fooled by it,
  • you know your deepest fear beliefs that guide your life and generate suffering in you and in others,
  • you learn to recognize true Peace and connect with it,
  • you learn to recognize your intuition and connect with it to guide you,
  • you develop the connection with your Internal Master and you stop needing an external one,
  • you learn that all people and situations are your teachers,
  • you learn to recognize and differentiate the energies of fear and love (which according to ACIM are inverted, that is, we confuse fear with love and that is why we generate more experiences of fear, instead of love),
  • you discover your life purpose and, as a consequence, the existential emptiness disappears,
  • you discover a self-healing tool applicable for life and for everything.

These, among others, are the advantages of studying ACIM . The best thing is that you can do it at your own pace and alone, since they sell the book in any bookstore. But if you want to do it with someone else, here I am to guide you and help you! For ACIM to change your life, just like it did mine. I leave you a big virtual hug.


Lucia Soledad

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