Yoga to raise body temperature

Discover Yoga techniques to raise body temperature.

Yoga to Raise Body Temperature

In winter, when temperatures drop and cold takes over the weather, it is very important to keep and protect the internal heat of the body . This warm environment allows the vital functions of the organs to develop naturally and easily.

Yoga is an ancient practice that seeks the homeostasis of the body through natural and bodily techniques: breathing, asana and meditation .

The benefits of heat

Indeed, there are different yogic tools to stoke our inner fire and keep body energy in its most optimal and elevated state. This allows us, among other things:

  • maintain a strong and efficient immune system,
  • support detoxification functions, such as sweating or excretion,
  • revive mental concentration, which disperses when the cold lurks,
  • avoid wasting energy (keep in mind that when it's cold, the body must use more doses of prana to recover its natural heat)...

What yogic tools can raise body temperature?

Yoga for the Heat

Kapalhabati is the main tool to raise the body temperature. This pranayama, also known as the breath of fire , is a source of great power and kindles inner heat. In Kapalhabati the important thing is the exhalation. Do not pay attention to the inhalation, as it will come naturally. The intention is to create vigorous exhalations, expelling the air through the nose powerfully and consciously, and creating small blows with the abdomen.

Another breathing technique that can help us raise body temperature is Surya Bedhana Pranayama . It consists of taking long inhalations through the right nostril and long exhalations through the left nostril. In this way we awaken the sunlight, the energy of action and movement, the masculine qualities that reside in all of us.

On the other hand are the asanas . Styles like Ashtanga Yoga , Vinyasa Yoga or Power Yoga are ideal for awakening the inner fire and generating warmth in our hearts. Through a practice of challenging postures and fluid and constant transitions, we carry out a series of dynamic sequences that generate a lot of sweating and detoxification. This allows us to recover inner warmth and discard everything that our body no longer needs. It's a great mental therapy and a powerful body cleansing tool .

Ayurveda and food to awaken inner heat.

Finally, food is essential to awaken, protect, feed and sustain the fire of our body . In winter it is highly recommended to opt for cooked vegetables, warm vegetable creams, tubers and roots, spicy and anti-inflammatory spices...

Ayuverda is the science of life: it is a medicine that bases its pillars on the logical and appropriate use of natural resources. Through the right choice of food, cooking adapted to the requirements of the moment and a conscious and moderate intake of nutrients, the body can recover its body homeostasis in a very easy and healthy way.

When one masters the breathing techniques, when one regularly practices sequences of asanas adapted to the weather of the moment, and follows a diet aligned with the season in which one is living, one does not need much heating or external gadgets to keep the body healthy and happy. With warmth and taste.

Remember that everything depends on you and that health is part of you . Using logic and intuition, developing inner listening and acting from love and compassion, you can recover the warmth of your heart. You can live a life of contentment and gratitude. You can feel safe and fearless in the face of uncertainty.

Mae Knapnougel

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