Together we are stronger, now especially: #yopracticoyogacontigo


To all the wonderful women in this community:

We are facing an unprecedented situation. A difficult moment in which union, responsibility and commitment are key to recovery and a prompt return to normality.

It is not easy, nor comfortable, nor normal. It is a complex challenge and a bobbin lace for mothers who, like us, have taken their work home.

Different days await us, strange days that together we will transform into bearable and bearable moments, into a beautiful experience, a small unexpected spiritual retreat , that brings us knowledge and peace and brings us closer in a more intimate and introspective way, not only to ourselves. , but also to our loved ones, friends and family.

At Believe Athletics, we don't want you to feel alone, bored, or desperate during this quarantine. We will make an effort more than ever so that you feel part of this great little family and that together with us you share everything that is helping you these days to pass the time. We are a community in which we help each other, here you know that you have a helping hand, here you will find other women like you, who understand you and who are present so you can share the good and the bad.

We will make this situation an opportunity to grow, learn, value our loved ones, value our home, meditate, practice ... because in all difficulties there is always an opportunity.

To do this, we propose to start a few formulas that allow you to take advantage of these days in a healthy and, above all, responsible way:

  • Practice yoga at home: we encourage you to take a look at our blog again and reread the post on Everything you need to Practice Yoga At Home . In it you will find the essentials to know how to create a favorable environment during your practice, choose the most appropriate accessories to accompany it, enjoy its benefits to the fullest or know how to choose the most appropriate moment so as not to be distracted.
We leave you below three guided sessions with which to practice at the hands of Aida Artiles:
In addition, many of our affiliated studios , such as 802 Yoga Studio , Ágora Yoga y Pilates , Yoga One Aragó/Eixample , Grow Barcelona , ​​Sensaes , Espacio Yoga , Yoga Zaragoza , Corcobado Pilates Burgos, Mysore Mallorca , Rosa Beltrán , Gong Club de Yoga , Madrid Ashtanga Shala , Samsara Yoga , Soraya Tuesday Yoga , Rosauris Yoga , ambassadors like @aidaventure , @reinodenita or @laura_lakshmi_yoga or followers like Mams_theyogi are preparing online guided yoga classes that you can't miss. We will share all this material with you under the hashtag #yopracticoyogacontigo .
    • Meditate at home: some time ago our yoga teacher suggested we meditate with Deepak Chopra and his 21 Days of Meditation . We have decided to resume it during these days and meditate simultaneously for about 15 minutes during the next 21 days.
    • Music to do yoga: a few months ago we were looking for music to do yoga that would inspire our practice and we proposed this playlist with a touch of jazz that we fell in love with and became the soundtrack that has accompanied us in our vinyasas and in moments of reflection.
    • Books on yoga: we leave you some titles of books that we like, are available in digital format, and we believe that they can be magnificent entertainment for these days.
      • My Xuan Lan Yoga Diary : a book that includes the basic concepts of yoga to achieve balance between mind and body and that proposes a 28-day plan with daily yoga exercises, through an easy and practical method.
      • Yoga, a lifestyle by Vanesa Lorenzo : this is another practical guide, based on yoga, to achieve physical and emotional well-being in 28 days.

    If you have tips for practicing yoga at home , suggestions for guided yoga classes , your own yoga playlist, meditation proposals or a list of books on yoga, don't forget to share it with our little big family on social networks through the hashtag # I practice yoga with you .

    We will disseminate the content of interest to the community that you send us, along with other tips and tricks to spend these days in the best possible way.

    Together we can make this unexpected situation a bearable experience.

    Namaste pretty,

    - Believe Athletics Team -

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    • Mari Carmen Garcia

      Buenos días chica! Dentro de la incertidumbre de esta inédita circunstancia creo que están ocurriendo cosas maravillosas y una de ellas es tener el privilegio de pertenecer a esta comunidad de #believeladies. Hay que saber darle la vuelta a las situaciones de la vida y poder sacar de ellas las oportunidades que tienen tan solo si sabemos aprovecharlas .Como todas estamos tratando de lidiar con todo desde la responsabilidad y la calma ,cuidando de nuestra familia ,me ocupo virtualmente de mis alumnos apoyando a sus padres pero no podemos olvidarnos de nosotras y ahí está nuestra preciosa comunidad , practicando yoga sobre nuestra esterilla en nuestro fabricado rincón y preciosamente vestidas por @believe_athletics .Mis deseos de que estemos todos bien y nos veamos de vuelta más reforzadas y sabias .Namaste 🙏

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