know us

If you have reached this part of the page it is because you want to know who we are. Our story is simple. We are two sisters, Regina and Marisol, tired of not finding the yoga clothes we wanted in Spain, we jumped into the pool and created our own brand.

Over the years we have realized that we are not alone and that many women share the same frustrations. Versions change, but the story is always the same. You go shopping, you see some beautiful leggings, you buy them, you love them and you sign up for many yoga or pilates classes, you download a new playlist and you go out for a run more than ever. So far so good. Everything changes when the time comes when, after several washes, they no longer look the same. You lose motivation, self-confidence and you go back to the routine. On top of that, you feel bad because you've wasted money and you have to start over. ring a bell?

Surely you are browsing our page because you may still be looking for the solution to the problem we are talking about. At first we bought our clothes abroad, but we soon realized that this was not sustainable and we got tired. The solution? Give a professional turn and dedicate our time to offer an alternative to a problem that many women in Spain share.

To this day, we remain true to our mission: to create a community of women of all shapes and sizes who shop less but do better. Clothes are a second skin and express who we are. Betting on quality, design, local production and sustainability, we make small decisions that help bring out the best in ourselves and take better care of our environment.

We have a lot in common and you may be living through stages that we have also gone through and that were key in the development of Believe Athletics. From the friend who is going through a difficult time and who finds her therapy in sport, to the mother who wants to walk her baby while being comfortable and feeling beautiful, to the woman who contributes her bit to take care of our planet.

If you've never read about us, you'll wonder, how did two sisters with no experience in making sportswear manage to create a successful brand? Well, with a lot of effort.

Quitting our careers and investing all the savings we had in this initiative gave us giddiness at first, but we have never looked back. We have always been very clear about what we wanted and we did not have to look far to find materials and manufacturers that could offer us what we needed. We got to work, drawing on our knowledge and previous professional experience in fashion and marketing, we created Believe Athletics.

It has been a journey of personal improvement where not everything has been laughter, there have also been some tears. It was not easy to start from scratch, especially without investors backing us. It has been a path that we could not have traveled without the support of our clients on social networks. The comments and messages of encouragement have motivated us to launch more products and create new lines. And most importantly, they have filled us with that satisfaction and positive attitude that we want to offer you with our clothes. Improving the lives of other women has always been a cause that has meant a lot to us; thanks to each one of you we can collaborate with Dharma Life to improve the lives of girls in rural India.

We believe in closeness, in a positive attitude, in self-improvement, in perseverance, in practicing gratitude, in living with a smile even when it hurts, in respecting all people and in helping those who don't have our luck. . We know that you share these values ​​with us, and that is why you are here: have dreams and fight for them with a smile on your face, dance to life, and become the best version of yourself.

And you, what do you believe?
What do you believe in?

-Marisol and Regina-