Announcement August 2022

Dear friend,

This is probably one of the emails that has cost me the most to write since our adventure began 5 years ago.

At Believe Athletics we love our work and we remain committed to our mission like the first day: promoting an active, joyful and conscious lifestyle.

We want to make this vision a reality by creating sportswear that you can wear all day: flattering, functional, comfortable and elegant garments.

We are highly committed to our environment because we believe that our children and future generations deserve to be able to enjoy a healthy planet, and we are aware of the great role that disposable fashion plays in the destruction of resources and pollution , so we do not want to be part of this and we produce consciously with recycled fabrics and creating long-lasting products.

Our goal: that our garments can last in your closet for up to 5 years without aging (if you count the number of times you are going to use them, the price is much cheaper per use than many lower-priced garments), since we believe that the Durability is key to true sustainability.


Unfortunately, the great increase in the costs of raw materials, production and transport, among others, is affecting us very directly.

Our costs have increased between 30% and 40%.

Despite the fact that things may seem different from the outside, the reality is that we have been surviving for almost 5 years , investing all our personal savings in this project, without external investors and without earning anything in return (the founders have never received a salary for our work).

We never tell about it, but in Portugal we produce side by side with top foreign brands that you surely know. These brands produce their garments with the same thread and in the same workshop as us, and sell them at prices that are more than double and even triple ours .

We have always wanted to adjust the prices so as not to be so far from the disposable fashion brands that are so common in our country, endangering our margins , and not giving our product the value it deserves.


The solution

We want to keep offering you special clothes, and the only way to keep making our vision a reality is to raise the prices .

It is a very difficult and thoughtful decision, but I wanted to be transparent and explain the reasons. To be honest, Believe Athletics is not going to be able to move forward if this decision is not made urgently.


How much will the prices go up?

The rise in prices at a practical level will represent around €10 - €15 per garment.

Probably, or I hope so, this is not a lot for you, but for us it makes a difference in order to continue existing, offering you the products you deserve.


When will the prices go up?

I am aware that this is not great news, so I wanted to let you know in advance. The rise will become effective on August 28 at 23:59 .

Until then we will continue to maintain current prices, so if you want to take advantage we could say that prices will be on average 15-20 % cheaper.

If you want to take the opportunity to buy before the rise , I'd be delighted that you take advantage of it. In case you want to wait to buy after the upload, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your understanding. I send you a warm hug,

Regina, founder of Believe Athletics

PS: As always I will be delighted to hear from you. If you think that this rise is going to affect you in a very personal way, please reply to this message and I will personally see what I can do.