Are you looking for the perfect gift for the active woman in your life this Christmas? Do not look any further! Our selection of women's activewear offers a variety of stylish and functional options for any type of workout or activity.

It can be an excellent way to encourage your loved ones to resume or continue their sports practice. With a variety of styles and sizes available, you can easily find the perfect gift.

You're not sure where to start? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect clothes.

Take into account the personal style of the recipient.

  • If you prefer a more traditional look, opt for classic black or neutral colors.
  • If you like to make a statement, choose bold prints or vibrant colors.

If you are a Yogi, consider the type of yoga you practice:

  • If you do hot yoga or ashtanga choose lightweight, moisture wicking leggings like the super breathable flow legging with silver ion technology or shorts .
  • If you do restorative yoga, look for soft, comfortable fabrics like the bliss legging to help them relax.
  • If you practice dynamic yoga such as Vinyasa, you can choose the leggings of the thickness that seems most appropriate depending on whether you practice in a hot or cold place or if it is colder or hotter (you can filter the leggings by thickness ).

If you are a Runner we recommend the Bliss Legging in all its versions: short and long.

If you are a regular at the Gym, almost all styles will suit you. You can choose the leggings of the thickness that seems most appropriate depending on whether it is cold or hot ( you can filter the leggings by  thickness )

To find your size, be guided by the size recommender that you will find in each product.

When in doubt, opt for a gift card so you can choose your perfect gift.

PS: And remember you have 60 days to make changes and returns, so you can give away with peace of mind.