We donate against Breast Cancer

Cancer is the same for all people, but not all are equal when faced with cancer.

That is why this year the message of the Spanish Association Against Cancer for the International Day against Breast Cancer campaign focuses on achieving equity in the face of this disease, offering the most vulnerable women the help that allows them to cover their needs. , making them face cancer on an equal footing.

Believe Athletics joins the Spanish Association Against Cancer by donating 20% ​​of the sales of the pink products, and 10% of the sales of the rest of the products, from October 15 to 19.

What is possible thanks to your help?

€15,000 guarantees that 50 women will be able to cover their essential expenses derived from household and food bills, and have access to the necessary products to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment.

€9,000 covers the stay of 25 women and their families in AECC apartments or residences in the areas of the reference hospitals where they can receive the necessary cancer treatment when they are outside their place of residence.

€6,600 makes it possible for 15 women to receive the psychological assistance they need during their illness.

You join?