Responsible Packaging

At Believe Athletics we go a step further in our commitment to our environment, which is why we have decided to introduce compostable packaging in our products.

These beautiful bags in which you receive your products are not only beautiful and reusable to store things like makeup, store seasonal clothes and other uses that you can think of, but when you decide not to use them anymore you can throw them in the organic waste container for them to break down.

Unlike biodegradable packaging, which can take many years or even decades to break down; compostable packaging goes one step further and becomes compost in a maximum period of 2 years (from 3 to 6 months if deposited in the appropriate container) and does not leave any type of microplastic after decomposition.

We answer your questions:

1. What is the material?

2.What is PLA and PBAT?
PLA is polylactic acid from corn, PBAT is poly(butylene adipate-coterephthalate) from petroleum. They are fully compostable materials.

3. What is the condition of degradation and compost?
Microorganism, Temperature (28-58 degrees Celsius), Humidity: 95%.

4. How long will it take to degrade and compost?
In an industrial environment it will take 3-6 months. Home compost 1.5-2 years.

5. What is the shelf life of the compostable bag?
Shelf life is 1-1.5 years in sealed carton paper box (no water, sun, moisture)

5.Do you have any certificate?
Of course, the bags are certified by TUV Austria.