Welcome Pack

Believe Welcome Pack is a custom-made box, in which you can include up to 3 outfits (6 garments) of your choice that you will receive at home to try on.

In your house, without haste, with privacy.


  1. Select your Welcome Pack, choose up to 6 items and pay €35.
  2. In 24-48h you will receive your outfits at home so that you can try them on quietly.
  3. You have 15 days from when you place the order to decide. Once you know which ones you keep, request a free collection of what you do not keep on the returns portal .
  4. Pay for the difference of what you keep through a link that we will provide you. If any garment does not fit you, we will refund 100% of the amount once the return box is received. The return is free in any case, even in the case of not keeping any garment.