About Us

We had a calling to create a collection that not only encourages women to be active through quality, comfortable design, but also inspires them to feel empowered with ultra-flattering colourways and feminine fits.

It all began with Regina, who after falling pregnant and deciding to return to Spain after many years working abroad for fashion companies like the Gucci Group, turned to running as a way of reconnecting with herself.

“As one of the first of my friends to have babies and feeling the need to quit my job as a result, it was a lonely and difficult time. Sport was my medicine, and for the first time in my life I was able to experience its healing potential – both physically and mentally. I started searching for the type of technical yet stylish athleticwear, popular in places like LA, that I could feel just as great in going running or doing yoga, as well as strolling with my little one.” 

There was clearly a gap in the market. So Regina teamed up with her sister Marisol who agreed that the most fashionable styles tended to be poor quality, and those made well were…well, boring! As an Esade graduate, Marisol had built a career in retail marketing and jumped at the chance to join forces with her sister to give women the trend-led pieces in performance fabrics that they so deserved. 

“We were excited to create something meaningful together.”

 But the journey was only just beginning. With an unrelenting drive we combined our savings and went out on a quest to find the best possible materials and motivated manufacturers. Sustainability was high on the agenda too, but luckily we found partners here in Europe who aligned with our values as much as they believed in our vision.

 Believe Athletics has had a bumpy road. There has been laughter, tears, and no big investors to turn to, but what has kept us going is you – your feedback, loyalty and loveliness in abundance across social media and beyond. We also thank you because without your support, we wouldn’t be able to regularly donate to Dharma Life, a charity close to our hearts that improves the lives of young girls in rural India.

Today the mission continues – to unite women of all shapes and sizes through an appreciation for quality, design and sustainability, and to empower them to recognise their inner beauty, strength and belief in their potential.